Monday, July 26, 2010

The winds of change continue to blow like a hurricaine

So its been a long time since last I posted, been a long time since I had a chance lololol

First I have to apologize to those of you wanting to do the Tattered Angel book class, its not gonna be happening because with the release of the exciting new summer and fall line of products items had to be retired and I managed to create a book with almost every single retired color and item......................murphey's law. LOLOLOLOLOL

You are gonna love the awesome new products being released at CHA this week.

I have not seriously scrapped in more than a month, something about working 60 to 70 hours a week for the past 5 weeks......takes the creativity right out of you. On the bright side though I have been loving my new job at Best Buy.

I am in the midst of a hurricane of changes in my life again.......and it will be some time before I have the opportunity to play creatively. So Enjoy your summer everyone and I will see you when the winds have subsided