Friday, July 12, 2013

One Of Those Moments When You Just Have To Do It.....

Every now and then you come across something that just motivates the socks off of you to design a piece.  Well this photo from the talented Julie Cortens of Julie Cortens Photography Just sang to my heart. So here is the layout that I created.

Back in April while attending Camp Croppin 2013 I was lucky enough to be a teaching assistant to the wonderfully talented Graphic 45 team.  Diane Schultz the founder and her daughter Aimee appeared to be particularly pleased with the card that I gave them as a thank you. Diane said she was particularly looking forward to seeing what I would create with the Steampunk Spells line of paper that was announced that weekend.  I wasn't sure if she was serious or just being polite but after chatting with some other more experienced  professional Designers, they suggested that I take them at their word and share my creations.

So with that said......I waited patiently (ok, Lori and Cayla, maybe not so patiently) for this line of paper to arrive.  Now when you first look at it your breath is taken away with the colors and images.  Then I realized it was really geared for Halloween.....a holiday that I love....but have no photos to scrap. So I have challenged myself to do 45 projects using this line (both big and small) and not get trapped in the Halloween hangup that I usually do when I see pumpkins and bats.   So heck, those of you that still pop in and check to see if I have done anything.........well here is your chance. LOL

In the meantime and between time I thought I would share with you a few of my dabbling s from the past few months.  I haven't been all that productive with  the selling of the house and a flying trip out to the coast with my Dad to see his siblings that he hasn't seen for about 10 years (at least that was our best guess).

This layout was me being impatient....I know so hard to believe that I would be impatient. I had the incredible privilege to have a photo shoot with the fabulous Allison Orthnor. I wanted to scrap the image she had shared with me....but had not released publicly so I altered it up and made this fun layout that was filled with tags. Each of which reminds me of something I NEED to do to let the past stay where it is and discover a future that will lead me to unknown places and all kinds of fun.

So I ventured off to Winnipeg as well this spring and had a great deal of fun surprising my long time scrapping pal and friend Thelma Findlay.  I loved calling her up and asking her if she was ready to Crop and Create that weekend.   It was more fun as she figured out that I was also going to attend.  Her lovely hubby Gavin was instrumental in helping me surprise her....and he surprised me with a little bag of treats from him. I guess my eating his macaroons in Calgary all those years ago left a lasting impression on him. LOL  So above is a card that I inked up using Tim Holtz's new Stopwatch Die.

I am not sure why but I have really been loving this pocket cards lately......Each one comes with three or four pull outs that I fill with special messages.........This one was made for my dear Thelma who claimed it before I could actually sign and give it to her......ROFLMAO.  I am wondering if it is a trend with creative souls that we have no patience for things to happen in their own time and we must hurry things along.

Well if I am going to accomplish this task of 45 projects using the G45 papers.......I better get off the computer and get on with it.  Have a great week everyone!