Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tattered Angels and Graphic 45 Goodness

Good Morning Everyone. I have been busy creating lots of scrappy goodness as I create a wedding gift for some new friends of ours. They chose to have me scrap an album from the photos I took of the cruise that we shared. So here are some of the pages that I have completed.

Do I really need to tell you all how wonderfully Tattered Angels and Graphic 45 work for this book........I don't think just take a look for yourself.

This first page is at sunset in the Mazatlan Harbour. The use of shells, netting, seaglass, lace, its hard to see but glimmer mist was used to tone down the cream colors to more of a tan.

Cabo San Lucas is one port that I would like to return to and explore more. The Grungeboard shapes are glimmer misted with Black gold. For the Title, I pulled out three colours of glimmer mist. First I used the darker blue across the top of the letters, then the lighter blue was used across the bottom and of course the two marble together in the center. Then just before the letters dried I grabbed The black gold and lightly misted the black seemed to migrate to the edges and when it dried I didn't have to ink.

Then I coated the letters with glossy accents and let it sit for about 30 min. While it was a bit moist I sprinkled pigment powders on and some was absorbed deep into the moist glossy accents and other parts stayed on the surface.

Well I am off to work but I will share some more Tattered Angels goodness with you tonight.

Make it a great day!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Its Friday! And Therefore more TA fun

Well finally I can get these photos posted so you can see the finished project.

Have a great day!

Here is the inside of the card I masked off the one side before laying down the mask and using GM in two shades to make it rock.

So here is a close up of my bird cage that I free handed from decorative wires. This one was a bit out of scale but I have learned and will

Well here is the front of the card Love using scraps, and using the Glimmer Mists and Screens to make them look like something right off the presses.

Due to some technical difficulties the pictures will follow shortly - ahhhh love when a machine is smarter than me.

The end of another week, and lots of happenings going on.

My Aunt and Uncle will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer and while we won't be joining them in Calgary for the celebrations I did want to send them a card to congratulate them.

So I hauled out my scraps and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Screens and with a spritz here a tear there, a twist here and glue there I came up with the following card.

I did something I don't typically do so that I can show you all yet another way to use the screens and Glimmer Mist.

Once I was done spraying my patterns on the screen I left the saturated screen to dry over night. If you are not as attached to your screens as I am you could take this beauty and create a marvelous layout or cut it up and use bits as embellishments. Now as much as I would love to do this and show you an actual finished piece....................I love this screen way to much to do it even for you my dear friends.

So the secret is to let your piece sit for twenty four hours until it is good and solidly dry. You should note however that if you don't put some form of sealant on it, a little bit of moisture is going to cause it to liquefy and rub right off on your hands or nearest absorbent material.

Do you want multiple colors? Here is where I cheat, I pray that the tattered angels don't strike me down for doing this. I grab a glass dropper and fill it with the color of choice and then gently drop by drop place the colors where needed. I then let it sit again for an additional 24 hours. I do this step for each color that I add. Call me fussy but I don't want a lot of color blending from a lot of moist or wet colors the blending the occurs at each addition is what I want. I am betting there are several of your out there going welllll silly broad why doesn't she heat set the colors and speed things up. Well feel free to try this out, but the funny thing about plastics.......they tend to warp and occasionally just plain melt. LOL and you thought I was just another pretty face LOL LOL.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Finished Flower on a card and more

So here is the finished half-fold card that I made with the flower from our tutorial. I took a cream backround and misted it with GM and then added the necessary embellishments to make it fun. I used the leftover scraps of paper to make the flourishy parts.

This Weekend The Paper Passion is having another Scrapweekend and so I have done a few things for that while do stuff that I needed to get done anyways - You know there are days and there are days..........

Challenge #2

Was to make two cards with a generic nature - apparently a twist is coming so ........ I guess Faieryrocks will be letting me know soon.

Challenge #3

You were to use The name of a Movie. I chose the 1935 movie - Musical Memories. This animated movie - is about a old couple that are dancing and recalling memories as the songs play. As I do the very same thing when a song comes on.......... I felt that this was fitting.

This layout is part of a circle journal and to the right is a sign in tag (this shows the actual colors way better)

I am using this layout for yet another circle journal that I had to complete this weekend.

Challenge #9 - Fast Scrap

I managed to do this layout in 62:017 (min:secs) which for me is fast. What I love about this layout - The doodling - I didn't have near enough white rub on swirls to do what I wanted so I filled them in with my trusty Uniball. I also hand wrote and colored the title........... Tim Holtz Butterflies with Bling round out this little fella.

So that and working on 200 ATC cards is what has been happening around here this weekend.

Ohhhhhh Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the way we had a Birthday party for my pal Sheryl. We laughed so very hard.........

I will get some photos up in the next couple of days.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Part two - First Project with Glimmer Mist, Screens and Spellbinders

So is everybody practiced up and ready for the rest of the tutorial? Great then lets get going!!!!

Step 1:

I had asked you not fold the nine pieces that you had cut from the double sided Pattern papper because we want to use TATTERED ANGELS GM and the screen on our cutouts.

So grab your spray mats and the largest and smallest of your "flowers" Lay them on your Spray Mat - take your TATTERED ANGELS screen and lay your screen on top of the diecuts. Now as you can tell I wanted a heavy return on my two layers. Keep the bottle about 4" away from the paper and spray short quick sprays. Don't worry about the GM that is pooling on the screen because we are actually going to use that on the middle size layer.

Step 2:

So now that you have your pieces misted take your plain medium pieces and lay them with the opposite side showing and lay that side on the screens. Once your paper is on the screen - press slowly and firmly.

Slowly peel back your paper and either set it aside to dry. Lift the screens off the other papers. You now have a choice to let them air dry or you can get out your heat dryer speed and the whole process up.

Step 4:

So now go ahead and jump in and make your petals as per the I love to use Zip Dry for all my gluing needs. So Get all those flower shapes folded and glued together.

Step 4: Once you have your three folded and Misted shapes lay them on top of each other until you like the arrangement pattern. Glue in your bling or stamens to the center of your smallest flower. Then start gluing it to the middle sized flower. Take the new multi layer and attach it to the front of the largest petal.

TaDa Your Done your first flower!!!

Below I have taken leave shape Cardstock inked, crumpled etc. and pinched them together to make a flower base for my creation.

Of course that too was not to my liking so I have added my petal flower to the center to create my own one of a kind flower.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Part one - First Project with Glimmer Mist, Screens and Spellbinders

Well here we go lets make ourselves a handmade Flower and put it on a Card.

To make this project you will need:

1. A Die Cut Machine - I use the Cuttle bug - love that little critter
2. Spellbinders Nestabilities - Scalloped Octagons - You can use which ever size combination you want.
3. Patterened Paper of your choice - I use a 12x12 double sided but you can use two complimentary pieces as well.
4. Glimmer Mist the color you choose should co-ordinate with your project.
5. Tattered Angels Screen of your Choice
6. Cardstock for the card - or a blank card of your choosing.
7. Bling for the center of the flower, but you can use what ever you like to fill it out.
8. Ribbon or Fiber of your choosing or alternatively you could use another co-ordinating piece of paper.

9. Scissors,
10. Glue, I strongly reccomen Zip Dry but any liquid or glue stick will work.


**** Note for the cutting and folding information I am just using cardstock so you can see better for the actual project I did use Patterned Paper (double sided).

Step 1.

Choose your three sizes of nestabilities that you would like to use. For those of you cutting with the Cuttlebug use A, C below the die cut and B on top. If your using thicker substances you may have to play around to find the right combination.

Step 2.

***** I am assuming that you are using the double sided Pattern Paper (PP)

You need to cut three of each size of Nestabilitie (Nestie) that you have chosen from your 12"x12" sheet. You will have to cut it down to strips that will fit through your machine.

*** You might want to cut three Cardstock scrap of one size to practice the folding technique before folding up your good paper.Step 3.

On this sample piece I have drawn the first two fold lines for you to see. On your actual flower you would not draw lines.

I start by folding exactly in half so that the bumps all line up with each other. Then count three bumps or two valleys which ever is easier for you to follow and then fold in half again. Crease well (bone folders are an excellent assist here but a popsicle stick works too). Continue counting and folding until you have gone around the entire cutout.

*** You are going to do this with all nine pieces that you have cut out for your flower.Step 4.

Take your scissors and cut into the CENTER only from the outer edge. You will only do this once on each of the nine pieces.

Step 5.

Now you are going to fan fold each of your sections as shown. Note I marked the sections off for you to see and you would NOT do this on your flower. Accordian fold each of the nine pieces for your flower.

Crease each of the folds very well or it gets a little bit hard to keep it flowing when it comes to putting the flower together.

Step 6.

Take three of the largest size that you cut out. Put the other six pieces well out of your reach so that you don't end up gluing the wrong pieces together.

You will notice that I have marked the last section on the cutout for gluing on each end. Take your second piece and matching up the "ONE" end with the shading with the shaded one end section on numer two. *** You can use a pencil to mark your ends for the first attempt. For the hundreds more that you will want to make you won't need to.*** The glue the shaded end of number three to the unshaded end of number two, finally glue the unshaded end of three to the unshaded end of one. You should now have a wonderfully pleated circle.

Repeat this process for the remaining two sizes.

I am going to stop here for now and let you practice with scrap paper. If your gonna cut your good flowers pieces for the project DO NOT FOLD them and glue together just yet. We have some Tattered Angel fun to do before folding.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Remembered - to bring the card reader home!

So lets get busy and do some learning about Tattered Angels products.

At the risk of repeating what you already know I am going to review some basic information

Glimmer Mist (GM)

WARNING: The Scrapbookers Anonymous has declared Glimmer Mist to be a highly addictive but amazingly fun substance. One or two colors will not be enough for you not to mention the need to test out how things will hold color or look with GM on it. You will find your self reaching for it frequently without thought.

  1. Store your glimmer mist standing up, storing for long periods on its side can result in the shimmer clogging up your nozzle mechanism.
  2. To blend the shimmer into the color gently swirl/swish it back and forth. Hard rapid shaking will create air pockets that will affect your ability to spray a fine mist.
  3. For a light, evenly misted look hold GM away from your project about 10 to 12 inches. Then moving from left to right in a smooth stroke spray, I like thinking of it as the way you move back and forth with your arm when you use a spray paint or maybe your hairspray.
  4. Do you like that irregular spatter spray look? Move your GM about 4-6" away from your project and spray. Use a shorter stroke, but move slowly. Not heavy enough for you move in even closer.
  5. Are you looking for the solid color with out the drops. Put your GM down wander off and find your Papertowels. Hey while your at it pick up the baby wipes as they are awesome for cleaning your beautifully tinted appendages. So now we are ready make that smooth solid color. Move in close with your GM spray your project. Then quickly take your paper towel and WIPE the color back and forth. If you want a Faux finish to your project feel free to blot with the wadded up paper towel.
  6. This probably should have been at the top of the list but at least I remembered. Clear away all items that you don't want to color. Use a spray mat from Tattered Angels or if you need to GM before you can get one shipped a XL pizza box is awesome.

So off you go and practice those on papers that you can turn into unique one of a kind projects.

I am going to continue on behind the scenes here creating a card using GM, Tattered Angels Screens and the Spellbinders. See you all in a little while.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

Just a brief note to let you know I have not forgotten about my Tattered Angels tutorial.

Can I just admit that I am an idiot and leave it at that?

No, I didn't think my Bad Girls would just let it go. LOL LOL

Well the truth is I took my camera card to work last week to try and work on the tutorial and I didn't get the opportunity and I left the card and reader there all weekend, then today I walked right past them again.

Hugs to you all and I will attempt to put my grey matter to better use.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Tattered Angel Came to Me This Week

I have to tell you that I am so incredibly happy Tonight.

After a very rough start to the week I was tickled Pink, Blue, Red and any other color that you might like when I received an email asking me to be their Featured Artist for the Month of July.

So what does one do to celebrate this incredible honour?

We play with Tattered Angels Products this month and share with you tips, techniques and ideas and I will be creating some projects to share with you step by step.......

So grab your Glimmer Mists and lets get ready to Spray our way to creativity!

The Paper Passion Blog Hop Rak Winner

So who is ready to win a Rak?

  1. laterg8r
  2. Susan
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  8. Grover
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  19. SK
  20. Hayley G
  21. Laina
  22. Kathy

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-07-03 01:32:10 UTC

Congratulations to SK please email me your snail mail addy.

NOW we will draw for the RAK from those folks that choose to follow my blog.

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-07-03 01:40:10 UTC

  1. scrapbaby333
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  5. Sheryl
  6. SK
  7. scrappygirl
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  9. Sheri Wilson
  10. Kathy
  11. Jen
  12. coRinne not connie
  13. faeiryrocks
  14. Susan Roh
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  16. carrie
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  18. KweenScrapper69
  19. Nikki Love
  20. Bel
Congratulations to crazy4scrappin please send me your email address for your RAK!

Just a couple of Housekeeping items to attend to.

Belated Happy Canada Day everyone! I still have a long ways to go in learning how to capture fireworks in all their glory and brilliance, but it sure is a ton of fun trying. Testing new settings and time delays. I thought these two were sort of cool - the top one was the result of slowing down my shutter speed to 3 seconds. The second one was 1/15 shutter speed but I increased my aperture so you can see the smoke trails from it.

I just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten about my RAKs from the Blog Hop. I have been very busy with Mom's knee replacement and dealing with my own little health issues.

So tonight I will be back on here and using the random generator will get those draws made.

Also I have a wonderful bit of news and I am sure you gals are going to love how it will spill over.

Make it a great day everyone.