Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It has been awhile....

There was Mom and Dads 50th anniversary, the passing of my dearly loved uncle Bill, the completion of the 5K CIBC race for a cure. There has been the sorting and packing of belongings sharing of excess goodies with those that would appreciate them. Of course there is work and entering into the management training program that I want to advance rapidly with so lots of time learning.

Next week Diane receives an award for approaching the Holy Cross School and insisting that those in the modified and alternate education programs deserve to be acknowledged on the Principles List just as much as those in mainstream or advanced programs who attain academic excellence. I am so very proud of her and her achievements..........if those same doctors that told me she would never attain a mental age greater than 4 years could see her now.......well lets just say I am glad I followed my mothers instinct and did not pull life support when given the option.

I have signed up for the CIBC Race for the Cure 2011 and have decided that I will create cards and sell them "Cards for a Cure" yes I know that the run primairly supports breast cancer. I believe though that some of the successes that are achieved in curing breast cancer can be extrapolated to other cancers reducing the number of family friends that will have to deal with cancer in their lifetimes. So keep me in the back of your mind if you need to restock your card stash for 2011.