Friday, July 27, 2007

Have you just ever had fun with yourself?

Okay I was having a really good morning before going to work. Discovered how to use my cam corder to take still shots. So of course I had to just ham it up because I was having a good hair day!

You know I really like this photo! Just me being silly but it was fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

There is Only This Moment !

When I am not feeling particularly good about life, when am scared or uncertain as to which direction to go, when I feel that there isn't one good thing left then it is time to grab my camera and go out and shoot everyday things and find the beauty.

Yesterday I was sitting in the park under the tree with the sun shining through. I had this red filter that I had been given as a gift and never used. So I threw it on and snapped this photo, well it and 200 others (smile). What a wonderful effect!!

So my next step in finding strength is to find a saying, quote or set of lyrics that speak to my heart. This is a partial set of lyrics from a song in the movie / Broadway show rent. This was important to me........ I need stop regretting the mistakes from my past and look to the future or I will miss the wonderful things that are still out there. Like the sun shining down through the trees on me.

Make your own inspirational card front or photo to scrap. Feel free to share your inspiration with those around you.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Look at this amazing opportunity to learn to doodle at the hand of the master! For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting this dynamite lady this is the perfect opportunity. Leica is one of the most charming and talented scrappers that you will ever have the opportunity to learn from. I know that you will also have the pleasure of scrapping with some of the greatest local scrappers that will be joining Leica making this day a ton of fun! I am so very excited for Leica as she counts down to the first ever All Canadian Crop and Cruise.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finding Beauty and Wonder in the Little Things.

I was in the middle of doing a photo shoot of my niece and nephew from Peace River. When I came across this amazing little fella. Just waiting for us to pass on by and leave him to enjoy the shadows that were provided by the petunias. Well I am afraid that I sent the wee fella off on his way after his photo shoot.

I love to shoot animals, still life and landscape as they don't argue, don't talk back and generally hold still. I have been trying to improve my people photo skills as I find willing subjects.
So when Tara and Chad reluctantly agreed to do a photo shoot provided it wasn't the typical stuffy photos that are usually done by Aunts I was thrilled. Melina has done some photo shoots in this cool section of downtown alley's so off we went. We were also hoping to find some really cool graffiti on the walls to include in our photos. Alas the crack down on graffitti has resulted in many of the cool art forms being removed. Despite driving around we failed to find any exceptional graffitti so we ended our adventure with ice capps for three.

Then there is our sweet young Colton. At four and a half he is a laugh a minute. My favourite line from him at this point in his life is ... A long time ago when I was just four...................

Well this Friday the Thirteenth was not filled with bad luck or things to fear. It was filled with family and friends as we gathered to celebrate Mom's 70th birthday. It was really awesome to have my aunt and uncle, niece and nephews, brother and his girl friend, kids and my special friend surrounding me even though this was not my day.

Some of the little things that make me happy and content knowing that I will be embarassed - knowing that at some point my mother and uncle are going to recall the story of the pine float and how incredibly gullible I was. I am going to do a layout on that story so you will all have to wait for the time being.

I can promise you that regardless of the reason for the gathering there will be a large bowl of Ernie's salad. There will some comment from my Dad about the tiny portion of dessert that I present him even though it may infact be the largest one on the table. There will be either white corn or peaches and cream corn. I can promise you that I will have far to much food leftover but that I prefer that to being short. I am assured that there will be one person who "is not hungry" but will have room for dessert.

I can assure you that as a rule the women will do the clean up and the men will generally go and "relax" after the grueling work of eating. However, for the record I am making it my lifes ambition to have the women rest and the men do dishes. ( I may as well start with my big dreams!)

Tonight, I found a quirk that had nothing to do with my family but struck me as reassuring. My special friend places his keys with the key fob in his back pocket and the keys hanging out over the top. I thought this was just for work but tonight I realized that this is a quirk of his that I find reassuring. I know that I will be able to hear him moving about either at home or in the store. I intend to do a layout of this quirk of his as it speaks volumes to me.

This week I sent the dogs to be with my ex-husband. I truly missed their bright eyes and wagging tales when I came home or let them out of their kennels. I can't say that I really missed the significant reduction in furballs floating around my floors. I missed the million and one puppy kisses that I get without fail. Yes, they are sloppy and wet but they are filled with love that requires no more than to feed and water them.

Yes, today was my day to reflect on all the little things that make my world so much better and predictible. Looks like I have some layouts to work on all thanks to that little dragon fly that crossed my path today.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Digital Details and Hybred Heaven

I just did this digital layout using an awesome kit from Just Cre8. I changed it up to make it work for these photos and I just love it. I have been wanting to do some layouts for Diane but still have photos that are being processed so this satiated my need.

I will never truly love Digital layouts as when they are printed out they are flat and never look as good as they do on the screen. Unless of course someone knows the secret than please feel free to share it. However, having said that, I love the ability to journal smoothly in white, doing paper matching and creating cool effects.

So I think being a hybred scrapper is my true calling using the best of both worlds to create works of art.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Because I love you!

Sometimes in the excitement of things I forget to look at all the people that make a special day even more special. Looking back over my posting from Friday I realized that I forgot to mention some really important people that made Diane's day even more special.

Here is a lady that is so kind hearted, loving and quiet. She goes about loving everyone she meets and I take her presence for granted at times. This woman is my sister Laura. She made a special trip to come for Diane's graduation. Put up with her big sister's crazy antics. Never once complaining about the chilly weather, or the long day. Her smile is always there and I am truly grateful for the privilage of being her sister.

I am looking forward to sharing with her the rest of our celebrations and not so celebratory moments that come with life. She is a joy to have around and I am looking forward to scrapping these photos that we took today. My way of sharing my heart with her.

The other person that I forgot to mention - was my dear friend and amazing photographer Melina Perron. The photos you have seen aren't her's we are still waiting with baited breath to get our hot little mittens on them. However, she is such a good sport and allows me to shoot in and around her. So that I can learn how to stage shots and improve my own skills. I love and admire her as a person and professional. She makes everyone laugh and feel at ease. So check out her work using the link at the side.