Monday, May 28, 2007

The Hard Part Is The Waiting!

Well its done! The flights are booked and the state rooms on the ship are reserved. I thought the hard part was going to be paying for everything. BOY! was I wrong!!!!
The hard part is wishing that it were already November 18th. I would be doing the last minute packing. Making sure that all is ready for the early morning flight.

I am soooooo excited because this is going to be my first ever grown up vacation to a warm location and on a cruise - yes a cruise and 5 days in LA. There will be no children, well none that belong to us. LOL Oh don't get me wrong - children are great but as a parent of teenagers...... they now talk back and they no longer believe that I know it all and I am so tired of the term "Whatever" in conjunction with the flip of the hand and roll of the eyes. So a trip with out having to justify every thing over, and over, and over is going to be completely and throughly enjoyed.

The cruise has been a dream of mine since the first episode of "The Love Boat". I have been spoiled rotten as we are getting a room with a private balcony. I am so excited thinking of the unique photos that will be mine for the taking. We haven't planned all our activities for each port of call as of yet. However, the one thing that I want to do is swim with the dolphins and walk on the beaches. I am also excited that There will be others from the scrapping community that I will stop and visit with. Lecia Forrest and Allison Orthner amongst others.

I am so proud of Lecia being selected as an instructor - she is an amazing talent. She is going to go far! Today a cruise and tomorrow the star at CHA.

Now as much as I look forward to the cruise I have to admit that the best part of the trip is going to be the trip to DISNEYLAND!!! Yes I admit that even at 45 I am really just a huge kid at heart. We went last January and now I know a few more tricks to make sure that we get the most from this trip. I thought I would share some of the mini layouts I did from our last trip. I now have 5 months and 25 days to complete the albums from 2006 as I expect that there will be a lot more from this holiday.

Well I was gonna promise you that I wasn't going to make multiple postings about this amazing trip - I have decided that I won't make you all a promise that I can't keep. So I will apologize in advance for my childlike behaviour and multiple future postings.

I hope that you all are having a super week.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

So where have I been?

I guess it is time to up date this ole blog. It's been a couple of weeks where life has presented some challenges and taken my time away from my scrapping.

For the last four days (I am serious on the 4 days) I have been cleaning and purging the "office" aka scrapping store room. I have filled the garbage cans twice taken over three hundred scrapping and stamping magazines to the recycling bins. The sad part of this whole thing is that the mess doesn't seem to have decreased.

Currently, I have stacks of stash in the front entrance way, in my kitchen walkways, blocking the door to my parents apartment (they are away on holidays = smirk), the kitchen table is covered, under the table, surrounding the table for three feet and lets not forget the the front room. Does this mean that my office is empty? Oh my heavens - not even close.

It seems that I work 8 hours to expose a 12 x12 patch only to fill it in with something new. I have invested in dozens of new storage containers. Only to discover that more are required!

Now if you ask me if I think I have to much in the way of supplies and equipment I will be the first to tell you that stores just aren't open at 2 or 3 in the morning when my Mojo is working overtime and the Muses' are singing so loud that I can't sleep anyways. So there in lies the reason for ensuring I am well stocked. Admittedly I MAY possibly have a couple of extra things I might not use in this lifetime - but they aren't things I personally added to my collection.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend - the first nice warm one we have had in a longtime.

Well back to my clean and purge. I will post the before and after pictures when all is said and done.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's are people too!

Happy Mothers Day!

I have a great respect for my Mom and the amazing example she has been for me. I hope she knows how special she is to me. I think of all the things that I would like to have known about my Mom and her life from her younger years. I would love to have known her thoughts and feelings as she struggled through the tough times and enjoyed the good times.

So I am creating an album that will serve two purposes - First I want a written history for my kids that records my feelings and thoughts. I want them to know that there were aspects to me that you as a mother never show your kids. I would like my daughter 20 years from now to be able to look at this album and say - my mom went through these same feelings and she was a good person so I will also get through this period and I am still going to be fine.

The second reason for this album is to assist the man in my life in understanding what it is that I need, want and desire. I have been told a hundred times that they don't understand where I am coming from or what I want. I am sure every man in my life has at one point or another looked me in the eye and said - "Your amazing, your wonderful but I don't understand if your old fashioned or modern. Do you want me to lead or are you taking the lead."

Each of these layouts that I am showing you are apart of "Knowing your Dawn and How to Look After Her". I have a large number of layouts to do with this book. There will be hidden journalling on every page. I don't have an issue with the kids seeing these pages I just don't think they need to know my thoughts and feelings just yet.

There are a few healing pages as well - Where the journalling talks about specific relationships or people but within that page is also the lesson that I learned about myself and/or what I know to be true about my needs and desires for the future.

So I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day and hope that you will start recording the feelings and aspects of your life that Mother's don't typically share with children. So that one day they will know you at deeper level as they struggle through the same inner challenges.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Beginnings Make Life Worth While

Every day we experience endings of careers, lives, relationships - they are hard and often painful to endure. This morning as I was wondering where my new door was opening or which window would open and provide me with a much needed fresh breath. - I discovered that I was already on the path to them. Lining the path to these new experiences were the signs we often take for granted.

If these little lilies can survive a cold harsh winter in Saskatchewan and come back stronger then before, then I can survive life changes and come back stronger than before too! Just a insight that I had this morning.