Monday, August 20, 2007

What if.....................

What If.........................

These two words can take you down a myriad of paths when you reflect on them. What if I had............ What if they had.................... What if I could........................ What if they said.................... What if, What if , What if............. Of course you can also play the scary What if game. You know the one where you replay every possible worst case scenerio that could possibly happen.

Well this weekend I was given a challenge to create a layout with three or more photos and the words What if.............. The layout must also include a detailed journaling area reflecting on the What If that we chose to feature.

So What if I had never taken my daughter to camp - well I wouldn't have these pictures and memories. What if I hadn't stopped and taken these pictures? - I wouldn't have these very special photos of what is no longer there. Nothing to recall that day that moment and nothing to reflect on.

Journalling from the layout................

What if one day They are no longer still standing?

I know that one day the beauty of the prairie past is going to be forgotten. I can't bear the fact that these memories indeed are growing fainter with each passing generation. This was a trip to remember as it was a time of many new beginnings,and many new journeys. I love the vanishing prairies and I hope to discover a way to share for years to come.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Still Dawn

I was participating in an online crop and one of the challenges was to scrap your nick names or names your called. I was also required to do a self portrait Thank heaven for quick capture features on video Cams. I am not a huge fan of Digi layouts preferring Hybred ones. However, I think I like this one. I will be making a point of having this one printed as a real Photo to capture the depth that appears on the screen.

Another challenge that I completed was a Take 10 challenge. Your allowed one sheet of cardstock and on that sheet you must use the following.
  1. 10 brads
  2. 10 eyelets
  3. 10 buttons
  4. 10 pattern papers
  5. 10 ribbon
  6. 10 hand drawn doodles
  7. 10 rub ons
  8. 10 stickers
  9. 10 Inspirational words or significant journalling
  10. 10 Flowers
Give these challenges a shot and share your outcomes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inspiration from Nature

Yesterday was filled with signs that life is good. I took my Diane to camp Easter Seal and I stopped on my way home to capture some amazing photos just outside of Waterous. When I got home I discovered a RAK - Random Act of Kindness from my friend Thelma in Manitoba. She had sent me a book of inspirational quotes for personal strengths. I totally loved the book and realized that this photo and verse were well suited for each other. It touched my heart as I realized that this was one of my major philosophies and that this photo was perfect for this saying.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thrill and Excitement Abounds.

AND THEY ARE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the blast of the air horn the outriders are hurling in the stove and the drivers begin to Negotiate the barrels. As they round that last barrel the horses are ready to run full out. The drivers, snap the reins and call out to the horses to run like the wind.

I grew up on the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon races. I recall sitting with my collection of pennies betting in front of the TV with my siblings and my Mom. If Grandma Wyder was visiting she would have her stash of pennies ready for the nightly bets. It must have been hilarious to see the 5 or 6 of us hollaring and screaming to urge our chuckwagons to be first.

Last night I was able share this excitement with my best friend and my collegues from work. We picked our favourites and bet our imaginary pennies. Then it became a high stakes game when 8x10 photos were put up on the platter. I laughed so very hard at Robbie and Judy.

Of course the only reason that Judy came with me at all was the opportunity for her to see cowboy buttcheeks. So every few seconds she was asking me to shoot the next butt that captured her fancy. So this photo is just for you girl.

I had a special friend that missed the fun and excitement of the chuckwagons. He was busy working and was only able to make the BBQ afterwards. I hope that the moments I captured will allow those that missed this exciting event a chance to feel the electricity that surrounds chuckwagon races.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sharing a Sunrise

A sleepless night often leads me to witness the beauty of a Saskatchewan sunrise. I am a firm believer that they should be shared with someone special. Sharing this sort of natural beauty with those you love or care about brings you closer together. I wasn't able to share it with the person of my choice today but through the magic of photography and the internet there was no need for him to miss it.

So remember to use your photographs to share special moments and places that you can't share at the time. There will be someone special who will appreciate the moment being captured and shared with them.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Have I ever mentioned to you all that I love photography! Since I started taking it more seriously I have found a whole new appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. There are little details that I would never have noticed just walking by. I was capturing the boldness of the bullrushes that were surrounding our little man made lake. I love cattails the soft velvety feel of the newly bloomed ones and the soft fuzz of the ripened ones. I managed to take several dozen photos of the bullrushes and then noticed this one and only plant in amongst them. I don't know the name of it (shame on me) but I have used them many times in dried arrangements.

So why did I notice this unique little plant? Could it be that at that moment in time I felt that I was the only one in the world coping with a situation? Or was it a sign that amongst all the doors of choices that one has to make there is always one right one that stands out from the rest. Perhaps it was the difference between giving up and dying or fighting and surviving like the cattails. It really ultimately doesn't matter why I noticed and captured it that night. The important thing is that I did notice it and I did see the unique beauty and qualities that it possesses.

What else have I learned from my photography? That the best pictures aren't always taken at the standard angles. That sometimes you need to get down on the ground and shoot up or stand up and look down on the subject. How many of you know what this is a picture of from this angle? Okay, don't everyone answer all at once in the comment section. This is one of the most common things that we see on the prairies and we take them for granted and ignore them even call them weeds. Yet on this night in this light with this angle it is a unique and artistic photo filled with detail and design. Oh - you want to know what it is? Its a fox tail! Yup your basic common fox tail.