Monday, April 28, 2008

The Rebel without a Camera

This is my creation from last week.........It took several days to complete the embellishments. Then it took me a while to find a temporary photo that would do until I can obtain the one I need. Where the elements hard to make? NOPE but the drying times were long and lengthy
in between.

I was starting out to make a simple Tips and Techniques layout to teach in May. Well the rebel in me gagged on the simple and off I went. This layout involves, distressing, masking, inking, using of patterned papers, ribbons, transparencies, alcohol inks, dimensional fluids, glitter glue, dimensional elements, stickers, journaling hidden and obvious. Freehand flourishes and leaves.

I apologize about the poor quality of photo but alas - my right arm was cut off this week. My DSLR camera was taken without permission and returned in a state of dis-repair. Do you have any concept of how detrimental that is to a die hard scrapper. Seriously just rip my arm off and beat me with the soggy end. How do I capture perfect shots, upload layouts and projects. Oh thats right don't...................

Until you grovel at the feet of the person whose camera you made fun of.
Well sweet dreams to all you scrappper !

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who Am I as a Scrapbooker

I have been facing challenges as a teacher of scrapbooking. I want to share the passion of scrapping with anyone that will sit still long enough to listen to me. I want to sit and listen to those that have reached the levels of success in scrapping that I long to attain. I long to share
both personally and publicly the art that is my passion. How do I best reach this goal.

Last weekend in Calgary the theme for both the retail and general convention was keep it simple and complete more. Make it attainable for all that look at your work and make the new scrapper feel that it is easy and productive. Remind the older experienced scrapper it is about productivity.

I heard the words of industry experts like Stacey Julian, the former editor of Simple Scrapbooking and published author of her own books. I heard the words of Layle Koncar of Scenic route and took her classes where 8 pages were done in an hour and half. Saskatoon's on Leica Forrest stepped up to the plate with teaching her first convention for Luxe Designs - again the emphasis was on keep it simple. The editors of leading magazines have told me repeatedly that my layouts are stunning and artistically and technically sound. But they can't be printed because they are not replicatible for their readers.

I can't be the only person that feels the need and desire to add dimension, texture and interactivity to their layouts. There should be a category called extreme scrapbooking for those that are creating ScrapArt. I can't be the only extreme scrapper, I can't be the only one that loves viewing other ScrapArt created by others.

I try to kick it back for publication and teaching - but my heart longs for the complexity and intricacy of ScrapArt. There has to be room in the magazines and Design Teams for ScrapArtists and for Designers that prefer the clean and simple lines or those that prefer to kick it up with artistic complexity of pattern papers.

Ultimately, I feel that all levels and degrees of scrapping are important. You can't have complexity without the elements of simplicity and mediocrity. You have to appreciate how they all co-exist, the importance that they all play in an album. So I hope one day Scrap Art will be as revered and appreciated in the industry mags and design teams.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scrapping from your Heart

Sometimes when you are suffering from a scrapping block or Mo and Jo have left the building and taken your creativity with them it is best to sit at your table and listen to your heart. When you listen to your heart and scrap what is in it you will find that your creativity will flow through you to your hands and some of your best creations will be created.

With that you you will find that you can also do some of your very best journaling as well as you let your heart dictate it as well. Sometimes what is in your heart is can best be expressed from some of the amazing quote books that are on the shelves in your local Scrapbooking Store.

I know that my very special friend and partner in crime will love finding this card tucked into his box of memories, in his mailbox on his desk wherever I choose to leave it. He will know that I understand that and support him as he faces so many new beginnings and changes.

I was also wanting to share with him the importance of his presence in my life but also let him know and understand that I also get frustrated with the various challenges that we face in dealing with a long distance relationship. Communication in this sort of partnership is instrumental and verbal is not always possible so being a scrapper allows me to create these unique and wonderful ways to share with him. My desire to share thoughts is appeased, he knows that I cared enough to take the time that was necessary to create and express just for him. He also has found that what he couldn't hear me say verbally he has been able to absorb with the words and choices of embellishments.