Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wellllllllll it seems as if I have slipped again

It has recently been brought to my attention that I need to update my blog with some of my goings on. Mostly I have been working away on my 100 page project and I am nearing the end of it.

My other major project is working with an inner city school to teach scrapbooking and creative writing. It has been so much fun...........it feels so good to do and share with others that have so little of their own. This particular school deals with a extraordinarily high population of immigrants and refugees...........and the stories and experiences of some of these kids...........no child should ever go through what they have SURVIVED. Their gratitude and appreciation are beyond words.

I put a call out through facebook and a forum that I chatter on and the response has been overwhelming...........leftovers, odds and ends and abandoned product have arrived and the kids are turning it into cards, journals, and scrapbooks. So if you have any products that you want to share drop me a line and I will send you the address.

This is a photo of the table that was filled with design projects from 7 Gypsies. This was a part of what was called a trunk show at Creative Escape in 2009 - just a little behind on my scrapping LOL
Also from 2009 were some photos of "Shamu" at Sandiego's Seaworld. Did you know that they call all the killer whales Shamu? Thats what they told us during the show. Oh and yes I know that after all the fussy cutting and layering I did spell Believe wrong. ..... just typical Dawn.
This is from Christmas 2008, David was so pleased to be getting his computer.
This is another Trunk show table from Creative Escape, this time featuring the lovely Heidi Swapp.
This is a 3-D wreath waiting for framing and a perfect Christmas photo.
This was my favourite table at the Trunk show - TIM HOLTZ - it truly left me speechless, but that is a whole other story.
Every crop you go to these little fella show up somewhere along the line. At Creative Escape I was introduced to coconut flavoured ones and my new love affair began..........but they are soooooo hard to find.
The Pirate dinner theatre that Bob and went to in January of 2009 on our amazing holiday!
A friends wedding layout..............yes I have since corrected the spelling error - lol
A group shot of the family on Mom's maternal side - from 2001
Part of a 8 sided layout - about my feelings and thoughts........
The pyro technic show that took place labour day weekend in Saskatoon in 2010
My funny little Diesel and his charm
The dream come true of a dear friend as she opened her new store in August of 2011. She is also a big supporter of my kids.
The last Christmas that I spent with Mom and Dad in 2008 - Dad is very photogenic when he is not aware of having his photo taken - thank you zoom lenses.
This is a rare photo of the Wyder cousins - taken under sad circumstances - the death of my Grandpa and there are still several missing but it is a treasured photo of mine.
For someone who didn't want t me to bring home a puppy........... quickly changed his tune .....
A former collegue of mine at her wedding. Figured I better scrap some before I forgot names and dates.
More of her wedding
All the really bad photos that I took of Ladybug when she was a brand new puppy. I sure wish I knew how to take photos then............but you do what you can with the lemons you have.

Well time to head out and make smiles on the faces of my kids with this weeks project. I will try to update some more for those that like to pop in and check out my happenings.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Proud to be published in .....

and in the June edition of ...

So head over and check out all the amazing talent and incredible inspiration that you will see. Click on the image if your new to these publications.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a few more layouts and cards

My best friend and her daughter a few years ago, now the height difference is reversed.

One of my favourite photos from the early morning photos that I took out at the Cogen.

This trip was a fabulous way for Darby and I to go our seperate ways and let the kids know we were parting as friends.

Just using up some scraps that were left over...but the stars ended up being a indepth project to create LOL

Love those cattails even when the season is over and they have blown up.

Not a lot happening on the war front these days. Have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What have I been up to?

So it has been awhile since I had anything to say or show.

Recently a friend posted a 100 page challenge. The challenge is focused on getting us to use our stash of supplies used up and room for the new and exciting things that keep coming out on the market.

The rules are pretty simple.
  1. You must use stock from your stash - no purchases
  2. You may purchase adhesives and cardstock (if your completely out).
  3. For each layout you complete put $5.00 into a stash jar.
So I accepted the challenge and added a few more restrictions for myself. I had to use photos that were already printed off - and I have several hundred or more to use. Not knowing where to start I grabbed a stack turned them upside down and decided that whatever comes up is what is gonna get worked on. Its been kinda of fun. I went through a magazine, marked the layouts that I liked. Then I grab the photo find a layout that would "work" and use it as a sketch. Oh and I grabbed a thick stack of pattern paper, cardstock and decided that I have to use that and I can use any of my scraps in my three scrap paper files. I have a box of ephemera, a baggie ribbons and fibers.

The trip down memory lane have been fun and sometimes a bit painful.....but it is all good in the long run. Next problem is going to be storing them all when they are done.... lololol

This picture was of me and my siblings - the first in quit a long period of time. Ernie had run his first Iron Man and it was one of the worst years for forest fires. In fact in the photo you can see the smoke from one that was less than 5 miles from the condo.

This is a flower arrangement that I received from a gentleman friend and his sons while I was hospitalized. It was HUGE the pot alone was 12" tall. The last time I saw that many orchids was when I was a florist and did an orchid featured wedding.

This layout was about the incredible amount of Callebut chocolates that arrived in my office one day.

Monty is my brothers dog and this was when he was just a couple of months old.

Just some good memories with an amazing lady.
This was fun after having just seen Colton who is now much bigger and far more fun for an auntie to tease and love.More amazing flowers from an amazing man.

The reciepe pulls out from behind the photo.
This photo Xmas card is a few years old but it is a wonderful reminder about how her life and family have changed.
This layout was done at Scrapbook your Heart - there is room for a letter to be tucked in behind the salmon colored layer. If you have never gone you should plan on going to the 2012 session of it.I love daffiodils, I think they are the clowns of the flower world. I tried to grow them in 2005 and had only one of 24 that were planted.

These pictures of Colton trying to hang on to a wiggly new pup were so funny. Of course then there was Dad to the rescue now that puppy doesn't look so big.

Buddy loved to chased his sponge ball and had it in his mouth whenever you looked at him.

This was a very sad day. It was the last day that Buddy and Ladybug were together. Darby had come to pick up Buddy I told them to say goodbye and this is how they stood for several moments. Long enough for me to go and get the camera.

I love introducing new things to the dogs and showing Diesel a lobster was one of them. It was extra fun as this lobster was super feisty and went after Diesel.

I then decided that it might be fun to see things from Diesels perspective.... no wonder the dog was nervous, lol.