Monday, December 31, 2007

Classes for the Month of January

I have loved the story of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" for as long as I can remember. I have never really expressed this to anyone and even my kids were surprised. I love how he goes from cruel to kind with the singing of a song. I watched it several times these past couple of weeks and I went and bought the book. I was surprised to discover that the book characters are not the same as the movie (they way they are drawn). So as the book characters were not the ones I wanted (I am so fickle), I went on a search of the net to locate the characters I wanted.

One of my favourite scenes is when Max becomes a reindeer. I remember thinking how mean and cruel the Grinch was to do this to his poor doggie. Now as a dog owner who insists that her dog wear antlers and bells and occasionally a Santa suit (snicker snicker) this scene brought a whole new meaning to me. I have a photo buried in my Archives of Ladybug wearing antlers so that is the photo that will go in when I finally locate it. I didn't put the words from the story about creating a reindeer on this one as I didn't want My Class attendees to feel stifled by the words, however I will when I am done.

If you would like to make this layout you can join me at Yesterday's Memories on January 22, 2008 at 7:00 pm. This layout is more of a challenge than it looks so bring you fine point cutting scissors, cutter, black sharpie pen,tweezers and patience. Due to the amount of preparation for this class please register by January 20th, 2008.

Check back and see what I have in store for you with the rest of my classes in January.

Happy New Years Everyone!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

On this Day that we share with family and friends. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reflections of Happiness

This is one of my favourite photos that I took in Disneyland.I loved the mirror smooth surface of the moat and crisp clean reflection that was visible. I am sure your wondering why I have chosen to share this photo with you today......................Truth is I am not so sure I know my self.

Could it be that I am a little disappointed in not being in LA this week as I had planned for months and months? Yes, it could be. Could it be that I taught my Nuts about you layout with Chip and Dale and I felt the joy and happiness inside that I had experienced when we were there. Yes, that could be too. Could it be that I am thinking of my scrapping friends that spent some time in LA/Disneyland before leaving for the All Canadian Crop and Cruise, Yes there is an element of that as well. So I think in general I just feel happy thinking about time in Disneyland with my kids, and the joy that I feel knowing that I will be there again in 14 months.

I am still amazed at how well the characters emulate those in the movies. Of all the characters that were played by people not hidden by masks I was most awestruck with Marry Poppins and Bert. This is another awe photo that make me smile with memories.

So I think tonight I am gonna scrap some Disney pages and will post them in a day or so.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Chip and Dale Duo

I spent part of the weekend creating this comical duo for my Dreamin of Disney class. This is actually the card that shows you these little fellas aren't just for Disney trips. They can be as cute as a card to let someone special know how you feel about them.

Above is the actual layout that you will be creating using the Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge. As well we will be using the Mickey Mouse Font Cartridge and the Mini Monograms Cartridge. So I encourage you to fish out those Disney photos and come and complete this fun layout.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scraps or Art

I haven't made cards in a really long long time. Why, I don't know to busy? Don't feel like it...... I suppose it could have been all of these but the fact of the matter was that I was sitting wanting to use up these bits of papers left over from projects soooooooooo I made cards.

So now I have some cards made - all I have to do is remember to share them with loved ones and friends. Hmmmm I don't think that should be to hard to do. I worked on a Invitational CJ entry last night. I hope to finish it tonight and will share it with you tomorrow.

Happy October 10th everyone!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Stil Playing with Reminisce Products

I love combining challenges together. Using assorted stamping techniques was the challenge at Just Cre8 and knowing that I need to show ways to dress up chipboard for my class at Yesterdays Memories on October 9th and use the new Reminisce Line of papers was great.

The fall colors were perfect with this class coming on the heels of Thanksgiving. Looking for some photos to use with this layout I discovered a set from 2002 that were waiting to be preserved.


You know writing and scrapping these photos five years later brings a new perspective on life.

I remember thinking how wonderful these photos were with our new digital camera. I remember being so very happy with Darby. I remember......................

Doing these photos now, I see how unhappy the kids were. I there a couple but not a family. I do still like these photos but now the memories are tainted.

I still love the pumpkin patch and I would like to have photos of me and the kids and see if they would be genuinely happy. I don't regret these days, I just seem them differently now.
October 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Reminisce Design

How many of you use your scrapping as a cheap psycho therapist or a way to work through things that are rolling through your head?

I have been dealing with some difficult aspects of life - and my way of coping is to reach in and journal from the heart so that one day people will know what I was feeling. How I am coping with those feelings. I love this layout - looks simple with its hand drawn flourishes and bits and pieces of paper. But like me there is so much more to be found.

If you open up the letter "F" you will find the following journaling.

"I woke up this morning tired, sad and generally out of sorts. I lay there listening to the sounds of the silence. The silence was loud. NO, the silence was deafening! My heart racing with fear. A sudden chill racks my body, freezing me with the unexplained fear. I turn on my side pulling the covers up around my chin. From out of the depth of my soul comes the tears of failure. The empty space beside me and the empty half of the closet, another reminder of my failed marriages not just my last one but both of them. The tears flow freely as I review how I have failed so many times. I turn back the frustration building with in. I struggle to re-build and make my way back to a comfort level. Frustration of not maximizing my skills and abilities. Today is gonna be a struggle to get through. However, I am strong and I will survive." Sorry I will have to get a better picture for you.

Then the picture of me flips down and it says " The best part of doing a emotional based layout is the magical healing powers. No matter how miserable I am finishing a layout leaves me smiling and grinning. My sense of, pride, self worth and accomplishment are restored and life is good!"

Int the journaling circle it says "There are still those days where my Fear, Frustrations, and Failures are overwhelming. There will always be these days! How ever each time I face them and over come them I find myself in a much better place. Then the next time it is a little easier."

Monday, October 1, 2007

What a fun Weekend and oh so productive

This has been a really great weekend.

I was able to be apart of two super crops - the ONLINE Revive & Rejuven8 Crop with Just Cre8
and the Crop and Cruise party with Leica Forrest on Saturday the 29th.

Here are just some of the things that I was able to accomplish

Inspired by Leica Forrest class on doodling and using the new Daisy Bucket Stamps. I think I will be going in and changing it a bit in the coming days but it was a quick and easy design that worked well with Diane's grad pictures.

Then I completed this layout using 5 or more punches or decorative scissors for the Just Cre8 group. I also needed to complete some pages using the Reminisce line of products so this layout is going to be doing double duty.

The next challenge from Just Cre8 was a mini album BOM. Well I have never been one to play fair and I needed a portfolio to send with Leica to Edmonton sooooooo I switched it up. I loved the title on this Portfolio as I stamped the image and then applied a mixture of gold and copper leafing to the images.

I also did a two page Spread for My Doin It Disney class on October 4th. I will have to get a better photo of those pages for you.

Well I am off to finish up a few more pages and challenges. Catch you all soon!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh I am such a bad blogger

I just want to go on record as saying my intentions were awesome - it was life that got in the way, LOL.

I have several new layouts half done - several more done but needing photos and/or journaling and not a single one ready for anything. So my sincere apologies folks.

I am so proud of Leica Forrest - I have so very very lucky to watch her scrapping style grow develop and take from a hobbyist to a full fledged Designer for several ventures. I would love to stand up and applaud her for making it to the top of the heap and continuing up to the mountain top. I know it won't be long before I am standing in line to get her autograph and say do you remember me from....................................... LOL. Love you Leica.

Tonight I dropped off my daughter and went for a country drive lured by the stunning sunset that was painted on a cloud canvas for me to enjoy. I drove closer hoping to get even a more spectacular view beyond the trees. Well the truth is......... I got more than I had dreamt of. I was treated to one of those rare tranquil moments on a cities edge. The evening was wonderful, the
and it was not just a display of color and shape it was a masterpiece not to be captured again - well just not that way.
There were two ponds one on either side of the rode. In the one were ducks and two incredibly brave and friendly muskrats that performed for me both in and out of the water. I shot many pictures of the friendly fellas both the big and small one. However, not a one was in focus. There were ducks calling to each other then the excited honking of a flock of Canada Geese as they flew past, encouraging those that were perhaps tiring after a long day of flying southward.

If that wasn't enough, the moon came out and provided me with a spectacular photo opportunity of its own. Then while I was standing there trying to stay still enough a long lonely howl of the lonsome coyote looking for a friend to spend the night with. I have not heard that amazing call of the wild in a lot of years. The hair on the back of my neck raised but in a reassuring and wonderful way. Assuring me that as much as life changes there is always the call of the wild to bring you back to your roots.

I know that I have lots to learn to technically master twilight and low light photography but I am grateful for the opportunity that we only have to be willing to see, hear, and enjoy .

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Its been a busy busy month. I will be updating my blog tomorrow with some great new designs and telling you all about the exciting Challenges that I am surrounding myself with.

I am also going to share the amazing things happening to a great scrapping buddy!

See you all tomorrow!

Life is like a rose garden, they are surrounded
by thorns determined to keep you away. But like a
garden, if you get past them Life has some of the most
amazing gifts to share.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Surprise Reveal!

I am back Teaching!

After a long absence from actively teaching scrapbooking I am thrilled to be back teaching classes for Yesterday's Memories here in Saskatoon. A couple of years away during which I completed both CKU Bachelor's and Master"s courses. Took classes on journaling with the
amazing Tracy White, and Lisa Bearnson. I have had the privilege of learning new techniques and skills with some of the industries most amazing instructors and designers. I have learned a lot with some of our amazing local talent and continue to strive to expand my skills.

I am excited to share my passion for this incredible form of historical preservation. Sharing with fellow scrappers the knowledge and skills that have been shared with me. In turn I hope to encourage you to step out of your scrapping box and try new things.

The first of my classes is this Thursday September 6th - Sensational Journaling! I am really excited to teach this particular class because Saskatoon and area has never seen anything like it.
This is not a class where you will sit and learn about descriptive words through a lecture or reading a list of them. YOU will learn hands on how to capture your sentiments.

The second class is Tuesday September 11th and is the first in a series called Take A Look... this series is geared to get you recording your thoughts, and feelings about your life with out leaving you feeling exposed. Not only will you have a layout complete with picture of yourself done but you will have learned some of the techniques that have been forgotten or are brand new. This month you will be looking a hidden journaling with hinges and the fun of using buttons and stamps.Each of my class kits comes with written instructions for completing the layout on your own or recreating it again using alternate paper and embellishment selections. So stop in and book your spot for this class or kit. Kits are limited and the cost for the class is $20.00.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What if.....................

What If.........................

These two words can take you down a myriad of paths when you reflect on them. What if I had............ What if they had.................... What if I could........................ What if they said.................... What if, What if , What if............. Of course you can also play the scary What if game. You know the one where you replay every possible worst case scenerio that could possibly happen.

Well this weekend I was given a challenge to create a layout with three or more photos and the words What if.............. The layout must also include a detailed journaling area reflecting on the What If that we chose to feature.

So What if I had never taken my daughter to camp - well I wouldn't have these pictures and memories. What if I hadn't stopped and taken these pictures? - I wouldn't have these very special photos of what is no longer there. Nothing to recall that day that moment and nothing to reflect on.

Journalling from the layout................

What if one day They are no longer still standing?

I know that one day the beauty of the prairie past is going to be forgotten. I can't bear the fact that these memories indeed are growing fainter with each passing generation. This was a trip to remember as it was a time of many new beginnings,and many new journeys. I love the vanishing prairies and I hope to discover a way to share for years to come.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Still Dawn

I was participating in an online crop and one of the challenges was to scrap your nick names or names your called. I was also required to do a self portrait Thank heaven for quick capture features on video Cams. I am not a huge fan of Digi layouts preferring Hybred ones. However, I think I like this one. I will be making a point of having this one printed as a real Photo to capture the depth that appears on the screen.

Another challenge that I completed was a Take 10 challenge. Your allowed one sheet of cardstock and on that sheet you must use the following.
  1. 10 brads
  2. 10 eyelets
  3. 10 buttons
  4. 10 pattern papers
  5. 10 ribbon
  6. 10 hand drawn doodles
  7. 10 rub ons
  8. 10 stickers
  9. 10 Inspirational words or significant journalling
  10. 10 Flowers
Give these challenges a shot and share your outcomes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inspiration from Nature

Yesterday was filled with signs that life is good. I took my Diane to camp Easter Seal and I stopped on my way home to capture some amazing photos just outside of Waterous. When I got home I discovered a RAK - Random Act of Kindness from my friend Thelma in Manitoba. She had sent me a book of inspirational quotes for personal strengths. I totally loved the book and realized that this photo and verse were well suited for each other. It touched my heart as I realized that this was one of my major philosophies and that this photo was perfect for this saying.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thrill and Excitement Abounds.

AND THEY ARE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the blast of the air horn the outriders are hurling in the stove and the drivers begin to Negotiate the barrels. As they round that last barrel the horses are ready to run full out. The drivers, snap the reins and call out to the horses to run like the wind.

I grew up on the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon races. I recall sitting with my collection of pennies betting in front of the TV with my siblings and my Mom. If Grandma Wyder was visiting she would have her stash of pennies ready for the nightly bets. It must have been hilarious to see the 5 or 6 of us hollaring and screaming to urge our chuckwagons to be first.

Last night I was able share this excitement with my best friend and my collegues from work. We picked our favourites and bet our imaginary pennies. Then it became a high stakes game when 8x10 photos were put up on the platter. I laughed so very hard at Robbie and Judy.

Of course the only reason that Judy came with me at all was the opportunity for her to see cowboy buttcheeks. So every few seconds she was asking me to shoot the next butt that captured her fancy. So this photo is just for you girl.

I had a special friend that missed the fun and excitement of the chuckwagons. He was busy working and was only able to make the BBQ afterwards. I hope that the moments I captured will allow those that missed this exciting event a chance to feel the electricity that surrounds chuckwagon races.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sharing a Sunrise

A sleepless night often leads me to witness the beauty of a Saskatchewan sunrise. I am a firm believer that they should be shared with someone special. Sharing this sort of natural beauty with those you love or care about brings you closer together. I wasn't able to share it with the person of my choice today but through the magic of photography and the internet there was no need for him to miss it.

So remember to use your photographs to share special moments and places that you can't share at the time. There will be someone special who will appreciate the moment being captured and shared with them.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Have I ever mentioned to you all that I love photography! Since I started taking it more seriously I have found a whole new appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. There are little details that I would never have noticed just walking by. I was capturing the boldness of the bullrushes that were surrounding our little man made lake. I love cattails the soft velvety feel of the newly bloomed ones and the soft fuzz of the ripened ones. I managed to take several dozen photos of the bullrushes and then noticed this one and only plant in amongst them. I don't know the name of it (shame on me) but I have used them many times in dried arrangements.

So why did I notice this unique little plant? Could it be that at that moment in time I felt that I was the only one in the world coping with a situation? Or was it a sign that amongst all the doors of choices that one has to make there is always one right one that stands out from the rest. Perhaps it was the difference between giving up and dying or fighting and surviving like the cattails. It really ultimately doesn't matter why I noticed and captured it that night. The important thing is that I did notice it and I did see the unique beauty and qualities that it possesses.

What else have I learned from my photography? That the best pictures aren't always taken at the standard angles. That sometimes you need to get down on the ground and shoot up or stand up and look down on the subject. How many of you know what this is a picture of from this angle? Okay, don't everyone answer all at once in the comment section. This is one of the most common things that we see on the prairies and we take them for granted and ignore them even call them weeds. Yet on this night in this light with this angle it is a unique and artistic photo filled with detail and design. Oh - you want to know what it is? Its a fox tail! Yup your basic common fox tail.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Have you just ever had fun with yourself?

Okay I was having a really good morning before going to work. Discovered how to use my cam corder to take still shots. So of course I had to just ham it up because I was having a good hair day!

You know I really like this photo! Just me being silly but it was fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

There is Only This Moment !

When I am not feeling particularly good about life, when am scared or uncertain as to which direction to go, when I feel that there isn't one good thing left then it is time to grab my camera and go out and shoot everyday things and find the beauty.

Yesterday I was sitting in the park under the tree with the sun shining through. I had this red filter that I had been given as a gift and never used. So I threw it on and snapped this photo, well it and 200 others (smile). What a wonderful effect!!

So my next step in finding strength is to find a saying, quote or set of lyrics that speak to my heart. This is a partial set of lyrics from a song in the movie / Broadway show rent. This was important to me........ I need stop regretting the mistakes from my past and look to the future or I will miss the wonderful things that are still out there. Like the sun shining down through the trees on me.

Make your own inspirational card front or photo to scrap. Feel free to share your inspiration with those around you.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Look at this amazing opportunity to learn to doodle at the hand of the master! For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting this dynamite lady this is the perfect opportunity. Leica is one of the most charming and talented scrappers that you will ever have the opportunity to learn from. I know that you will also have the pleasure of scrapping with some of the greatest local scrappers that will be joining Leica making this day a ton of fun! I am so very excited for Leica as she counts down to the first ever All Canadian Crop and Cruise.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finding Beauty and Wonder in the Little Things.

I was in the middle of doing a photo shoot of my niece and nephew from Peace River. When I came across this amazing little fella. Just waiting for us to pass on by and leave him to enjoy the shadows that were provided by the petunias. Well I am afraid that I sent the wee fella off on his way after his photo shoot.

I love to shoot animals, still life and landscape as they don't argue, don't talk back and generally hold still. I have been trying to improve my people photo skills as I find willing subjects.
So when Tara and Chad reluctantly agreed to do a photo shoot provided it wasn't the typical stuffy photos that are usually done by Aunts I was thrilled. Melina has done some photo shoots in this cool section of downtown alley's so off we went. We were also hoping to find some really cool graffiti on the walls to include in our photos. Alas the crack down on graffitti has resulted in many of the cool art forms being removed. Despite driving around we failed to find any exceptional graffitti so we ended our adventure with ice capps for three.

Then there is our sweet young Colton. At four and a half he is a laugh a minute. My favourite line from him at this point in his life is ... A long time ago when I was just four...................

Well this Friday the Thirteenth was not filled with bad luck or things to fear. It was filled with family and friends as we gathered to celebrate Mom's 70th birthday. It was really awesome to have my aunt and uncle, niece and nephews, brother and his girl friend, kids and my special friend surrounding me even though this was not my day.

Some of the little things that make me happy and content knowing that I will be embarassed - knowing that at some point my mother and uncle are going to recall the story of the pine float and how incredibly gullible I was. I am going to do a layout on that story so you will all have to wait for the time being.

I can promise you that regardless of the reason for the gathering there will be a large bowl of Ernie's salad. There will some comment from my Dad about the tiny portion of dessert that I present him even though it may infact be the largest one on the table. There will be either white corn or peaches and cream corn. I can promise you that I will have far to much food leftover but that I prefer that to being short. I am assured that there will be one person who "is not hungry" but will have room for dessert.

I can assure you that as a rule the women will do the clean up and the men will generally go and "relax" after the grueling work of eating. However, for the record I am making it my lifes ambition to have the women rest and the men do dishes. ( I may as well start with my big dreams!)

Tonight, I found a quirk that had nothing to do with my family but struck me as reassuring. My special friend places his keys with the key fob in his back pocket and the keys hanging out over the top. I thought this was just for work but tonight I realized that this is a quirk of his that I find reassuring. I know that I will be able to hear him moving about either at home or in the store. I intend to do a layout of this quirk of his as it speaks volumes to me.

This week I sent the dogs to be with my ex-husband. I truly missed their bright eyes and wagging tales when I came home or let them out of their kennels. I can't say that I really missed the significant reduction in furballs floating around my floors. I missed the million and one puppy kisses that I get without fail. Yes, they are sloppy and wet but they are filled with love that requires no more than to feed and water them.

Yes, today was my day to reflect on all the little things that make my world so much better and predictible. Looks like I have some layouts to work on all thanks to that little dragon fly that crossed my path today.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Digital Details and Hybred Heaven

I just did this digital layout using an awesome kit from Just Cre8. I changed it up to make it work for these photos and I just love it. I have been wanting to do some layouts for Diane but still have photos that are being processed so this satiated my need.

I will never truly love Digital layouts as when they are printed out they are flat and never look as good as they do on the screen. Unless of course someone knows the secret than please feel free to share it. However, having said that, I love the ability to journal smoothly in white, doing paper matching and creating cool effects.

So I think being a hybred scrapper is my true calling using the best of both worlds to create works of art.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Because I love you!

Sometimes in the excitement of things I forget to look at all the people that make a special day even more special. Looking back over my posting from Friday I realized that I forgot to mention some really important people that made Diane's day even more special.

Here is a lady that is so kind hearted, loving and quiet. She goes about loving everyone she meets and I take her presence for granted at times. This woman is my sister Laura. She made a special trip to come for Diane's graduation. Put up with her big sister's crazy antics. Never once complaining about the chilly weather, or the long day. Her smile is always there and I am truly grateful for the privilage of being her sister.

I am looking forward to sharing with her the rest of our celebrations and not so celebratory moments that come with life. She is a joy to have around and I am looking forward to scrapping these photos that we took today. My way of sharing my heart with her.

The other person that I forgot to mention - was my dear friend and amazing photographer Melina Perron. The photos you have seen aren't her's we are still waiting with baited breath to get our hot little mittens on them. However, she is such a good sport and allows me to shoot in and around her. So that I can learn how to stage shots and improve my own skills. I love and admire her as a person and professional. She makes everyone laugh and feel at ease. So check out her work using the link at the side.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Whole Point of Heartache, Arguements and Difficult Days

Here is the most beautiful girl I have seen in 18 years - only she is no longer a girl she is a strong , talented young woman. Full of love and passion for those around her. From her first breath it has been a struggle to reach this day. I was told so many times by so many professionals that she would never be the woman she is. I won't minimize the long list of struggles and the even longer list that she will continue to face. However, today my little girl just beat the odds.

Here is another reason that we battle the tough times and share the good. Love. Its not always kind or easy. But real love will endure years of challenges and multiple celbrations. I had Melina doing formal photos yesterday but I came in and shot pictures behind her. This was a truly awesome photo of my parents and you can't help but feel the love that was there. THis coming September they will have been married for 47 years. What an amazing achievement. I am so very proud of them for reaching this milestone and being there to support my siblings and myself. I know they will continue to be there for us in days to come.

This is fine young gentleman is my nephew from my first marriage. I have only recently had the chance to get to know this young man after 15 years of being apart. This is a gift that Diane has given me without even knowing it. She has continued to be involved with Robbie and his life and now that they no longer require adults to control all that they do they are great friends. Robbie came to Diane's grad all on his own. I think that speaks volumes to his fortitude and desire to know his extended family on his own terms. He was a joy and delight to spend the day with. He was a good sport about contortioning into positions for photos, a perfect gentleman with respect to chivalry, grabbed my camera and took photos when I couldn't. He even had the magic tide pen when Diane spilled and stained her dress unexpectedly. He regaled us with his travel adventures and touched my heart with his stories of his late mom. I am glad that I am being given the oppurtunity to know this young man.

Yes, I am feeling a bit sappy this day after graduation - and I realize how many good things I have to be thankful for in a sea of rough waves. So bring on the difficult times, hard tasks and days of heartache, for without those moments I am sure I wouldn't appreciate the rays of sunshine, rainbows of wonder, and the love that I have been blessed with.