Monday, October 22, 2007

Chip and Dale Duo

I spent part of the weekend creating this comical duo for my Dreamin of Disney class. This is actually the card that shows you these little fellas aren't just for Disney trips. They can be as cute as a card to let someone special know how you feel about them.

Above is the actual layout that you will be creating using the Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge. As well we will be using the Mickey Mouse Font Cartridge and the Mini Monograms Cartridge. So I encourage you to fish out those Disney photos and come and complete this fun layout.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scraps or Art

I haven't made cards in a really long long time. Why, I don't know to busy? Don't feel like it...... I suppose it could have been all of these but the fact of the matter was that I was sitting wanting to use up these bits of papers left over from projects soooooooooo I made cards.

So now I have some cards made - all I have to do is remember to share them with loved ones and friends. Hmmmm I don't think that should be to hard to do. I worked on a Invitational CJ entry last night. I hope to finish it tonight and will share it with you tomorrow.

Happy October 10th everyone!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Stil Playing with Reminisce Products

I love combining challenges together. Using assorted stamping techniques was the challenge at Just Cre8 and knowing that I need to show ways to dress up chipboard for my class at Yesterdays Memories on October 9th and use the new Reminisce Line of papers was great.

The fall colors were perfect with this class coming on the heels of Thanksgiving. Looking for some photos to use with this layout I discovered a set from 2002 that were waiting to be preserved.


You know writing and scrapping these photos five years later brings a new perspective on life.

I remember thinking how wonderful these photos were with our new digital camera. I remember being so very happy with Darby. I remember......................

Doing these photos now, I see how unhappy the kids were. I there a couple but not a family. I do still like these photos but now the memories are tainted.

I still love the pumpkin patch and I would like to have photos of me and the kids and see if they would be genuinely happy. I don't regret these days, I just seem them differently now.
October 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Reminisce Design

How many of you use your scrapping as a cheap psycho therapist or a way to work through things that are rolling through your head?

I have been dealing with some difficult aspects of life - and my way of coping is to reach in and journal from the heart so that one day people will know what I was feeling. How I am coping with those feelings. I love this layout - looks simple with its hand drawn flourishes and bits and pieces of paper. But like me there is so much more to be found.

If you open up the letter "F" you will find the following journaling.

"I woke up this morning tired, sad and generally out of sorts. I lay there listening to the sounds of the silence. The silence was loud. NO, the silence was deafening! My heart racing with fear. A sudden chill racks my body, freezing me with the unexplained fear. I turn on my side pulling the covers up around my chin. From out of the depth of my soul comes the tears of failure. The empty space beside me and the empty half of the closet, another reminder of my failed marriages not just my last one but both of them. The tears flow freely as I review how I have failed so many times. I turn back the frustration building with in. I struggle to re-build and make my way back to a comfort level. Frustration of not maximizing my skills and abilities. Today is gonna be a struggle to get through. However, I am strong and I will survive." Sorry I will have to get a better picture for you.

Then the picture of me flips down and it says " The best part of doing a emotional based layout is the magical healing powers. No matter how miserable I am finishing a layout leaves me smiling and grinning. My sense of, pride, self worth and accomplishment are restored and life is good!"

Int the journaling circle it says "There are still those days where my Fear, Frustrations, and Failures are overwhelming. There will always be these days! How ever each time I face them and over come them I find myself in a much better place. Then the next time it is a little easier."

Monday, October 1, 2007

What a fun Weekend and oh so productive

This has been a really great weekend.

I was able to be apart of two super crops - the ONLINE Revive & Rejuven8 Crop with Just Cre8
and the Crop and Cruise party with Leica Forrest on Saturday the 29th.

Here are just some of the things that I was able to accomplish

Inspired by Leica Forrest class on doodling and using the new Daisy Bucket Stamps. I think I will be going in and changing it a bit in the coming days but it was a quick and easy design that worked well with Diane's grad pictures.

Then I completed this layout using 5 or more punches or decorative scissors for the Just Cre8 group. I also needed to complete some pages using the Reminisce line of products so this layout is going to be doing double duty.

The next challenge from Just Cre8 was a mini album BOM. Well I have never been one to play fair and I needed a portfolio to send with Leica to Edmonton sooooooo I switched it up. I loved the title on this Portfolio as I stamped the image and then applied a mixture of gold and copper leafing to the images.

I also did a two page Spread for My Doin It Disney class on October 4th. I will have to get a better photo of those pages for you.

Well I am off to finish up a few more pages and challenges. Catch you all soon!