Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh I am such a bad blogger

I just want to go on record as saying my intentions were awesome - it was life that got in the way, LOL.

I have several new layouts half done - several more done but needing photos and/or journaling and not a single one ready for anything. So my sincere apologies folks.

I am so proud of Leica Forrest - I have so very very lucky to watch her scrapping style grow develop and take from a hobbyist to a full fledged Designer for several ventures. I would love to stand up and applaud her for making it to the top of the heap and continuing up to the mountain top. I know it won't be long before I am standing in line to get her autograph and say do you remember me from....................................... LOL. Love you Leica.

Tonight I dropped off my daughter and went for a country drive lured by the stunning sunset that was painted on a cloud canvas for me to enjoy. I drove closer hoping to get even a more spectacular view beyond the trees. Well the truth is......... I got more than I had dreamt of. I was treated to one of those rare tranquil moments on a cities edge. The evening was wonderful, the
and it was not just a display of color and shape it was a masterpiece not to be captured again - well just not that way.
There were two ponds one on either side of the rode. In the one were ducks and two incredibly brave and friendly muskrats that performed for me both in and out of the water. I shot many pictures of the friendly fellas both the big and small one. However, not a one was in focus. There were ducks calling to each other then the excited honking of a flock of Canada Geese as they flew past, encouraging those that were perhaps tiring after a long day of flying southward.

If that wasn't enough, the moon came out and provided me with a spectacular photo opportunity of its own. Then while I was standing there trying to stay still enough a long lonely howl of the lonsome coyote looking for a friend to spend the night with. I have not heard that amazing call of the wild in a lot of years. The hair on the back of my neck raised but in a reassuring and wonderful way. Assuring me that as much as life changes there is always the call of the wild to bring you back to your roots.

I know that I have lots to learn to technically master twilight and low light photography but I am grateful for the opportunity that we only have to be willing to see, hear, and enjoy .

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Its been a busy busy month. I will be updating my blog tomorrow with some great new designs and telling you all about the exciting Challenges that I am surrounding myself with.

I am also going to share the amazing things happening to a great scrapping buddy!

See you all tomorrow!

Life is like a rose garden, they are surrounded
by thorns determined to keep you away. But like a
garden, if you get past them Life has some of the most
amazing gifts to share.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Surprise Reveal!

I am back Teaching!

After a long absence from actively teaching scrapbooking I am thrilled to be back teaching classes for Yesterday's Memories here in Saskatoon. A couple of years away during which I completed both CKU Bachelor's and Master"s courses. Took classes on journaling with the
amazing Tracy White, and Lisa Bearnson. I have had the privilege of learning new techniques and skills with some of the industries most amazing instructors and designers. I have learned a lot with some of our amazing local talent and continue to strive to expand my skills.

I am excited to share my passion for this incredible form of historical preservation. Sharing with fellow scrappers the knowledge and skills that have been shared with me. In turn I hope to encourage you to step out of your scrapping box and try new things.

The first of my classes is this Thursday September 6th - Sensational Journaling! I am really excited to teach this particular class because Saskatoon and area has never seen anything like it.
This is not a class where you will sit and learn about descriptive words through a lecture or reading a list of them. YOU will learn hands on how to capture your sentiments.

The second class is Tuesday September 11th and is the first in a series called Take A Look... this series is geared to get you recording your thoughts, and feelings about your life with out leaving you feeling exposed. Not only will you have a layout complete with picture of yourself done but you will have learned some of the techniques that have been forgotten or are brand new. This month you will be looking a hidden journaling with hinges and the fun of using buttons and stamps.Each of my class kits comes with written instructions for completing the layout on your own or recreating it again using alternate paper and embellishment selections. So stop in and book your spot for this class or kit. Kits are limited and the cost for the class is $20.00.