Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trisha Ladouceur

Well it was a incredible weekend with Trisha Ladouceur. For those of you not familiar with her she is a Prima Donna (chuckle ) hmmm that doesn't sound so good if you don't know the whole deal. Trisha is a product designer and educator for Prima Designs - so in this case being a Prima Donna is perfect.

I was lucky enough to be able to take all of her classes that were this past weekend it was truly a major marathon of scrapping and learning. I remember looking at the sample projects and thinking these are so not me. Most of you know I am not about "Flowers" and that orange and pinks as a rule are not my color choice.

I have to admit I was excited to learn at the hand of a master but resistant to accept "those Flowers". Well I have to admit that before the weekend was done I was in possession of Prima Flowers yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you all read correctly. Trisha has done what no one else has been able to do in my 12 years of scrapping, acknowledge that they do have a place in scrapping and a fine place it is. I will admit beyond a doubt that I didn't play nice or follow the rules when it came to to using the flowers. I inked them, and added gold leafing. and added my own creative centers. Trisha was really cool and supportive about me taking her project and making it my own. So I am showing your bits and pieces of my projects and for those of you that like to try new things watch in the up coming months as I create with Prima.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos but as you know my poor DSLR is not functioning at the moment. So as soon as I can I will get some better pictures of these projects.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Special Day for All My Scrapping Friends

So here we are 15 minutes before the beginning of National Scrapbooking Day.

So what I am doing to Celebrate this exciting holiday - second only to Christmas (hehehe). I will be scrapping with a gal that is totally awesome and probably the first one to take me out of my box in a really long time = Trisha Ladouceur.

Who is Trisha Ladouceur you ask - well to best answer that check out her blog.
This amazing Scrap Artist has shown her work all over North America and this year she is going to Australia to share her knowledge and the awesome products of Prima, I am so very excited to have in my hands their new swirls stamps, the bling, the pattern tape we played with the new paintables and I am excited to share with my students the fun of playing with them. Yes, Ladies and gentlemen my project tonight contains flowers and not the high end Prima flowers that are so incredible but the more economical paper flowers. Medic! Oh Medic! these poor people out there in blogger land are fainting from the shock.

I will be doing both her classes tomorrow morning and afternoon. I am tickled pick to learn from her the tips and techniques she has to offer for doing the clear albums. SO tomorrow night I hope to show you my finished projects. It is totally exciting to be in the presence of such an amazing woman.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I love flowers, both giving and receiving of them. I am not the greatest fan of roses but with every rule there is an exception. For me The fire and ice rose is completely and totally breath taking to me. The contrast of the dark red and the creamy white. Its like someone took that beautiful white rose and dipped it into dish of deep red claret wine. Staining the petals.

The other reason I love the fire and ice the symbolism that can be projected on to them. I tend to be involved with men that are my extreme opposites - creating that same contrast as found in the rose. I love that someone can compliment you so beautifully and that together you can find a relationship that allows the creation of a wonderfully intricate and unique union - just as the red and creamy white come together in the fire and ice rose.

I felt that scrapping this photo required that same sharp contrast with with the red, white and black. The buttons were the touch of elegance that was needed to ensure that the elegance of the flowers was carried through the layout. The Opposites Attract font from the Cricut line was the final touch.

Scrapping is not always about matching colors sometimes its about the feelings that are in the photo and using that to enhance the photo.

In the words of a man I love and cherish - Get out there and make it a great day!