Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Major Event and I Forget My Camera

Aloha to my Scrapping Ohana! Well what a great weekend we had at Just Scrap It! The fun started Friday night and carried on through until midnight on Saturday. Julie was out and about with her camera and for that I am very grateful as I.........................Forgot my camera. I can't believe that but yes I did.

So I will be off borrowing and scrounging pictures from the weekend.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Something Old but still Classic and appealing.

Here is a layout that is several years old and one which have done several times for clients. Clean and simple lines make it appealing and timeless. What gives it excitement is the printing on the aida cloth. Now not all printers will be accomodating of the bulk. I would reccomend a test run on scraps before you attempt on your good piece.

Here is the method that I use for doing this.
  1. Print your photo on a blank sheet of paper. It will show you the exact size of the material you will need to use. It will also show you exactly where it will print your image.
  2. Apply a removable or temporary adhesive to the back of your fabric.
  3. Center the fabric over top of the printed image on your test print.
  4. Go into your printers setup options and chose the heaviest paper settings (cardstock usually). Choose optimum photo printing (a lot of ink is soaked up so make sure you have this selected if your printer provides it.)
  5. Do not load your material in the auto feed of your printer. Issue the print comand and then load the material through the manual feed. In most situations the manual feed is a method that allows the paper to go straight through without curling around the rollers. If yours still curls around a roller ( even in manual feed) then clean your roller throughly or you may well get ink markings that can't be removed.
  6. Allow the piece to dry for 10 minutes before using on your layout. Otherwise you run the risk of smudging your image or blurring it because the ink spreads into surrounding fibres.
  7. Adhere the masterpiece to your layout.
  8. Stand back and enjoy the ohhhhhhsss and ahhhhhhs from family and friends as they marvel at your skill with the computer and as a scrapbooker.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Found This one and it still makes me laugh

I love to shoot candid pictures at weddings and other major events. In this particular situation this little girl was sitting beside us and was not interested in the long and lengthy speeches of the adults. Unbeknownst to her parents she acquired the plate of creamers and was happily playing with them for many minutes. Until one popped open and splashed her in the face. I laughed so hard that I am surprised I was able to take the picture.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have been a bad girl!

I must apologize for the lack of posting on my blog for the past couple of weeks. I began the process of cleaning out my office/scrapbooking space and I have only just found a pinhole of daylight to lead me to the real world.

I admit that I have one or two extra supplies on hand. Oh all right make it three or four. Now why are you on the floor laughing so hard? Fine, I have a LOT of things in stock for those nights when I can't sleep. Or what if the store is closed and I need an embellishment............................ Hmmmmm not buying that either are you.

Yes, I am a full fledged scrapaholic with side addiction of scrap shopaholic. There I have admitted it but will I change it? Nope, not a chance. I love all the cool things that are out there to make our pages go from blah to spectacular. I love dimension, texture and the interactive aspects. I love the ability to bring things together in a combination that would never work individually,

People often ask me what a page costs me to make. I tell them that it depends on what they want to do with that page. I admit that I have never given thought at the time of construction to the cost of the page. After the fact as I am logging it into my database I sometimes shock myself. When I see that total I know why I take the time to log in each page. Trying to replicate those pages after a disaster would be completely bank breaking. However, if you can substantiate these claims with documentation and photos your insurance will cover the cost of replacement.

I heard about scrappers that logged their layouts and kept copies of the database in an off site location. When a fire struck one woman's home she was well able to substantiate the replacement value of her photo albums at $20,000 USD. This past year I had 5 albums destroyed and when I went to look up the cost of recreating one of the mini albums I was surprised to discover that I had spent in excess of $400 on 20 pages. Needless to say that album has yet to be recreated (but it is well under way in the manner of replacing the materials). In this particular case none of the albums were covered by insurance.

The other benefit to scanning your layouts is that if something should happen then you have a reference as to what the layouts looked like. I know that I have created in excess of 30 albums and can't recall what each page looks like. I would be hard pressed to tell in a emotionally charged situation to know what photos were used and how it looked. I admit there are some layouts that I don't want to recreate but there are others that I love and would.

I urge you ladies to start scanning or photographing your pages and keep track in some form of the the cost. I hope none of you ever have to endure the pain of losing your albums but I would hate to see the pain increased knowing that you couldn't afford to recreate those precious memories again. Or that you forgot about a precious memory you had scrapped already but didn't recall.

Well that is my two cents for the day --------- Hmmmm sure took a different direction from the office cleaning exploates I was going to talk about (snicker). Well those will be relayed in the days to come.

I will leave you with some of my older layouts that are seldom seen.

Photos of Me by Melina Perron - she is amazing

This captures my friend trucking career and how I like travelling with him.

This is a white on white layout with silver metal accents photos by Cindy Moleski

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Amazing Lady in My Life

The best part about this weekend is the time that I have had to reflect on and scrap photos that should have been done an ion ago. This photo of my best friend Judy is no exception. I kept picking it up and putting it down. It had to be just perfect to show her how much I think of her. I realized to day that it wasn't going to be this piece of paper that would show her. It was the tears that we share, the hugs that we give, the laughter that rings down the hallways, and those silent knowing looks that say more than words.

Now one of the things that I am often accused of is not scrapping in a simple format. It has been my goal to do a simple layout but each time I hold one up to my judges they tell me that its close but a technique or treatment keeps it from being simple. So here today in my hotel room I have at last done the "simple" layout.

How Cool is This!

Check out this great TV segment created by Allison Orthner that was featured on Calgary's show City TV program. Watch closely and you will see layouts from Janet Weser, Amanda Lepage (part of it), The classes and crop room. Of course you will also see Melina Perron (Best Photography winner) and Lecia Forrest (Grand Prize Winner).

I am so incredibly proud of all these ladies - they are amazing talents and even more importantly they are warm and caring people. This is reflected in their scrapping.

Amanda deserves one more pat on the back as she successfully joined the Design Team for "". So great big rounds of applause Girlfriend!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Latest Layout About Me

First let me aplogize for the lack of periods in my writings. My period key has gone on the blink

So here I am in a hotel room in Fort McMurray with limited supplies and a stack of photos that should have been scrapped ages ago I have to tell you its pretty funny I have no trimmer, I left the blade for it sitting on my kitchen table I have about 60 sheets of cardstock and papers and when I tell you my brain wasn't working believe me as very little of my cardstock matches my papers Thank heavens for white cardstock I do have my Tim Holtz distressing inks, sanding block and yes my glossy accents

So this is the second layout of my book on how to look after your Dawn This is all about the facets of me that make me me. Passion, Creativity, Desire, Ambition, Charm and Playfulness. That these are the things that draw people to me and they can be the same things that drive people away. I take passion to an extreme - nothing half way. This is essential for success and yet it is difficult for some to handle.Oh bye the way, I do realize that the glossy accents wasn't completely set when I took the photo. The tab on the right pulls out to reveal a 5" x 5" square with journalling. I highly reccomend hotel cropping to use your stash (the extremes I go to hehe).

Monday, April 9, 2007

Lesson Learned

Last night I needed some photo's of a car for a layout. So I dashed out to where it was and camera in hand proceeded to snap some photos of the car. Pleased that I had beaten the setting sun I jumped back in my car and made the 20 minute trip back to the city.

Excited and happy to have the photo to complete a competition layout I loaded the card into my computer and brought them up and then my tears began to fall. There in every single solitary picture were the reflections of houses, and garages and garbage. How could I have been so very careless in my picture taking. I know better than that. However, anxiety and haste masked my little voice that tells me to look for those small details.

Well here I was just 4 hours from the deadline and the photos as they were couldn't be used. So what did I do? I started cropping and layering to create the photo that was to be used. It is nothing like the image that I had anticpated using but you know I think it turned out just fine and dandy. Now I sort of like the trees reflected in the side of the body and the details of the rear lights.

So what were my lessons learned? First - Don't plan a competition piece around a photo that doesn't already exist. Second - Never be in a hurry to take photos, take your time look through that lense and see what your camera is REALLY going to capture. Third - there is always something good to be found in every bad photo. Finally - photoshop is worth every penny that I invested into it.

All About Me Challenge

April has been filled with scrapbooking challenges that were presented to me. From my LSS Just Scrap It the challenge was a layout about yourself. Not your dog, kid, husband bestfriend or a favourite flower - JUST ABOUT YOURSELF.

I know that for some people that is a really difficult thing to do - I guess I am more egocentric than some as I do pages about me, my feelings, dreams and goals all the time. I find it healing when I am hurting, reassuring when I am scared and when I am ecstatic I can save my family and friends from having to listen to me soar above cloud nine (more than they have hehe). I have been dating again and I know that I am a difficult person to figure out. A mixture of old world values and new age beliefs. I feel sorry for the men in my life not knowing which set of values or beliefs will kick in when.

I saw a book that a mother had done about how to care for her daughter so that if something happened to her somebody would know about all the little things her daughter liked done. So I thought to myself why not make a book about me that someone special could read and learn to understand some of the things about me. Things that I take for granted.

So the layout I am sharing with you today is #10 - Walk on the wild side

The journalling is hidden under the large title " I haven't always been the most adventuresome in my life. As I get older I find myself pushing the boundaries. I have found myself with people that I would have shyed away from earlier in life. I find myself doing things now that most people did their early twenties . Becareful of what you wish for - I just might!" I won't provide you the list of things that I have done - don't want to completely ruin my angelic image.

Have a great day everyone - and remember you're worth writing about too!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hoppy Easter to One and All

Well its been and gone! I have worked two solid days on preparing special place cards to be attached to mini take out containers filled with treats. They were all done and sitting with pride on the counter waiting for today. Friday night my sweet, darling, loving son left a box of icecream on the counter beside the placecard mini containers. (Okay Dawn continue to repeat - "I Love my teenage son! I Love my teenage errrrr! I Love my errrrrrrrrrrrr! now what was that again oh yes I L O V E my son.) How much more of picture do I need to paint for you. Melted green chocolate chip icecream and white takeout containers - 3. Breath Dawn, slowly let it out, Breath in and exhale pheeeeeeeeeewwwww. I new that time was limited so I dashed off to pick up some inexpensive baskets that would replace the basket and last for a long time. But that is not the end of my sad story for you (please fake the tear a least - remembering I am devistated that my original table concept has been changed). I go to attach the last couple of nametags and then disaster struck again. The eyelets were pulled out and the letters breaking. So I pull out my cricut and make two new ones, paint, sand, stamp, and proudly hold them of all to admire.

Wait there is more........ I ask my family at dinner if they liked their handmade gift/basket tags.
Not one, other than my mother realized that the tags were there first initial. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Then the kids started doing trades with me to rid themselves of the sweets they didn't care for and gain the coveted ones. My ham was as crispy as the bacon I usually make. The appetizers were forgotten down stairs, the crust of one pie ruined another remained un baked. My children informed me the pototatoes were lumpy and that the peas were to small.

I do want to mention though that my son had an amazing and touching moment with me when he looked at me across the table and said. The corn was cooked to perfection. I was touched as he noted the perfect taste, shape and amount of butter sauce. Then he smiled again and said thanks mom for using a prefabricated veggie. On that note I smiled sweetly and acknowledged that I had still prepared more than he had.

This is a layout in the making LOL. I look forward to returning to those moments in time and review my postings. Then preserving another family golden moment.

Today I thought I would share with you a an items that I am very proud of having created. It is the name tag I did for camp croppin. It uses a air drying clay a bras template, inks, embossing powders and looks pretty darn good for a couple of hours in a hotel room.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Inspiration from a Creative Genius

I am lucky to have amongst my friends a woman who has a creative streak that never seems to end. I love scrapping with her as we push each other to new extremes while respecting the style in which we scrap. She pushes me to take on challenges and acknowledge that the world is ours for the taking. We only need to believe that we deserve that piece of the pie.

Amanda Lepage is my scrapping buddy and inspiration. Last week she created a project for a design team competition that was out of this world. First I was blown away by the overall project but when I started to review this mini album I was touched to the core to find out that she takes inspiration from me. I really never thought that I had affected her that way as our styles are so very different. She is a very flat scrapper and I am very 3D - we both love texture and we both adore the effects of Photoshop.

I was pleased when she said I could take two elements from her mini album and incorporate them my style into a layout. I seldom share a layout before it is finished but today I am going to do just that.

Before I share with you I should tell you about another amazing lady in my life - My very bestest friend Judy. She is not the one that I would call to come and bail me out in the middle of the night. I can see the puzzled looks on your faces - hehe. So how can I say she is my bestest friend? Simple because she is the one in the cell on the bench beside me saying "Dang wasn't that fun!!" Judy and I have done some things that make others raise their eyebrows wondering how old we really are - smile. For the record we are in our mid- forties and lovin life to the fullest!

In February we found our selves in a bar for a concert with Ian Mitchell of Bay City Rollers fame. We had a complete blast reliving the past. We were determined to get his autograph, alas there was a distinct lack of paper available so as all good fans we do.....................

We gave him the chance to autograph the best that we had to offer. Our breasts! Judy's lovely rack (Ian's words) was signed from left to right and as I had a large space to fill (Ian's words) I was signed from 'tip" to top. Now your not ever going to see those pictures on this blog but I am so happy with my work in progress that i wanted to share with you "Bosom Buddies" in the making.

Yes, you are all seeing very clearly. It is a bra on my page. The front closure opens to reveal the photos and the journalling. Yes I have used rubons and paint on the bra itself.

Trust me this will in deed as the rubon says be a one of a kind layout for a one of a kind friendship and adventure. I can hardly wait to sit down and finish it and submit in my portfolios.

Thank you Amanda for allowing me to use some of your ideas and make them my own, your gonna go places with your work and I hope you remember us little people. Judy, you are the best partner in crime a girl could want. Thanks for lending your best physical assestes to this project (hmmmm did I tell you that you were being featured - well guess you know now). Love you both with all my heart.