Monday, March 24, 2014


So the Scrapbooking tournament is over for me......but wow what a ride it was and I am super happy with my overall finish of 7th in the world for cardmaking. I nevere expected to make it so there is some really really really amazing ladies that were competig with me.

I want do a real big shout out to My Scrappy Gal Pal Christy Riopel for making it all the way to the final round for the scrapbooking.  This next week is gonna be taking her crative mind to the limits....however I know that she will do well.  So from one Prairie Chick to another - Rock it out Christy!

I had a great weekend re-connecting with a bunch of my scrappy gal pals from Saskatoon. With the closing of the Studio this month it means we no longer have a Scrapbooking Store or a "meeting" place to see each other regularly. So this weekend we gabbed and gabbed and productivity was not great  but spirits were high!

Well that is all for today!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OMG Here I am again - Supreme Scrapbook Tournament 2014

I just can't believe that I have made it in to the final 8 for the Card making division.  I am so grateful for all of the incredibly talented ladies who voted me through to this round.

So this round was the hardest one yet for me.........NO INK, NO PAINT, NO GESSO, NO STAMPS, ...... I truly just wanted some to cut my hands off rather than not use my favourite mediums. The other aspect to this round was that we had to have two hidden elements - one of which had to be on the front of the card. Well I love hidden elements so that part was a no brainer in my books.

Well here is my piece for round 4

I reached into my stash of cardstock and paper scraps and did all of my distressing with Rubons that were old and drying out that wouldn't transfer properly anyhow. It was awesome to sooth  my guilty concious for hoarding them for so long.

This element is really hard to show in stills but as you open the card this kaliediscope opening reveals the inner sentiment.. Below is the full picture of the inside.

oh wait I was supposed to have the hidden element on the front of the card too so lets go go back to the front and if you lift the edge that says will find a hidden accordian pocket.  But your not done with the surprises just yet.

Release those butterflies out of the pocket and you will find  a card with room to write a little message and on the other side is the gift card holder.   Two magnets buiil into the pocket kee the card front from flying open and ruining the surprise.

I think this particular card really does need a video to showcase it....but that will have to happen another day.

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