Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What an Amazing Day

Well I listen to many people mention that they are still trying desperately to scrap book Xmas 2007 well I am still doing 2006 layouts. I wanted to share these few little gems with you. As they involved photos that for me captured the warmth and serenity of Christmas Eve / Christmas Day (4am) before the kids were up and before the chaos of cooking began.

I can't even begin to share with you how much I am looking forward to sharing these moments with Bob this year. Parent's you know what I mean, the stockings are stuffed, Santa has arrived and the presents neatly arranged. The room is tidied and ready for the laughter of children and the muffled squeals of delight from reserved young people that would really much prefer to yell but its just not cool. I am going today to look for that little piece of Mistletoe, and I can only hope that someone will catch Mommy kissing Santa Claus on digital film - now there is a scrap page. LOL LOL

Yesterday was a really awesome day filled with lots of wonderful and rare photographic opportunities and more importantly............... I had my camera to take advantage.

I love these chances and whats more I love the fun and laughter of family as we celebrated John's 19th birthday. My baby is growing up........ a year ago all the pleading and begging and bribery would not have worked to have him pose for a photo. So for those of you wanting to know what my Young Man Now looks like................ Here he is and I am so proud of him.

Yesterday, I was advised that there were some interesting things happening with a steam line at work. A small leak was letting steam escape and when it hit the -20C air it would explode like a fire work into bits of ice. I wish I could have captured the actual happening as it is so neat to watch. However I was able to capture the cool and amazing ice formations that resulted.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Morning = for Snowmen and Yeti

Good Morning My Friends and welcome to a balmy - 29C and throw in a little windchill factor and you have a perfect weather for Snowmen and Yeti. I wonder if anyone at work would mind if I stayed at home today and kept nice and warm......... Well I am going to have to apply my favourite saying to myself "Suck it up Buttercup"

In the mean time I have some the rest of my 12 cards of Christmas to share with you. Day 8 - The pop up card. I don't tend to do a lot of cute stamps like many of my fellow stampers check out the great snowman ones on Just Cre8. However, I thought this card turned out relatively well with the Stamping Up Coffee sets.

Day 9 - For those that you have looked not once or twice fear not it is a botched card techniqe. I tried to do the sand and emboss technique from Tim Holtz day 11 it was perfect until I glued the tiles to the card. So be warned do not glue your tiles that were sanded and embossed. Despite the botch on the technique it is still a cute card. Not sure you can see that there are tone on tone snowflakes on the white part of the card.

For Day 10 - Amanda challenged us to decorate the inside of our cards as well as the outside. I took some rusted metal snowflakes and turned them into my own masks with distress inks and Glimmer Mist. It is a subtle but effective technique. When I did the inside of the card I glimmer misted the inside and then used the snowflake as my embellishment.

Day 11 - is about using up your scraps, in an attempt to make my 500 cards for the troops I don't think this is going to be a challenge. So I have included a collection of cards that I have created using bits and pieces.

Day 12 - I loved the multiple mask and inking techniques that Tim Holtz used on his 12 tags of Christmas. So this card was inspired by this technique. I then used cuttlebug embossing folders on Grunge board with my Quixkutz; I used a combination of Tattered angels Glimmer Mist and Distress Inks and some copper pigment ink to get a elegant dimensional looking card.

Well thre you have it the 12 days of Cards for 2008. For those of you that will find the next few days filled with Christmas Chaos and no time to check on blogs -

From Our House to Yours - Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thought I had forgotten didn't you - LOL

Well life is a bit more crazy than usual as we increased our live in family by two - one human and more fuzzy face. So blogging and card making were reduced significantly. How ever I did want to share with you the cards that I did make as well as the name cards.

Tomorrow night is scrapping night so that should produce some serious items for you to view next week.


Friday, December 5, 2008

More To Share

Here is my card from the 4th day of Cards on Just Cre8. Looks nothing like the card that the lovely Caro designed but I needed to use up my stash so out came my Prima's in three different styles and sizes.Toss on some gold and snow and you have a vintage style version of the challenge.
This layout is not a great one..... I am not happy a 100% but I wanted to share with you this moment of fun and laughter that we shared. I was completely immersed in the shooting of the tree details for about the 20th tree. Then as I was panning and getting ready to capture the next one I saw this funny face peeking at me from behind the tree and yet another face laughing her socks off at him. I was so shocked that I started to laugh as I shot the photo - thus the blurry, dark photo. However of the 300 I shot in that two hours.........its the most precious one of all.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank you Tim and the Ali 's Dececmer Journal

So here are the pages from my holiday journal updated.

I also wanted to share my take on the Tim Holtz tag from day 3.

And day three of the 12 cards of Christmas from Just Cre8.

Imagine My Surprise!

It has now been 10 days since I started the Seasonal Clean and I am still not done. I have the bulk stuff sorted and we are now into the how to sort the itty bitty stuff. Should I sort by season, should it be by color, by style by mind is goiing to explode!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night and tonight I took some much needed time to scrap with my broken finger and all. AAAAAHHHHHH did I forget to mention that breaking ones finger in three spots is not conducive to a lot of things let alone scrap booking? I think it would be okay if this larger than life chunk of metal wasn't forever in the way. However, let be known that despite all that one can scrap with some creative adaptations.So thank you Tim Holtz for once again doing the 12 Tags of christmas, his day one tag indpired this card and a layout that I will post tomorrow night. I would like to say that when one does not have the TH stamp collections at her disposal there are some wonderful clip arts out there that will allow you to mimic with Hybred ingenuity.

Just Cre8 is doing the 12 cards of Christmas and these next two were ones that I completed for Day one. Well tomorrow is going to be back to sorting and driving myself nuts but it will be a blessing when it is done.