Monday, May 28, 2007

The Hard Part Is The Waiting!

Well its done! The flights are booked and the state rooms on the ship are reserved. I thought the hard part was going to be paying for everything. BOY! was I wrong!!!!
The hard part is wishing that it were already November 18th. I would be doing the last minute packing. Making sure that all is ready for the early morning flight.

I am soooooo excited because this is going to be my first ever grown up vacation to a warm location and on a cruise - yes a cruise and 5 days in LA. There will be no children, well none that belong to us. LOL Oh don't get me wrong - children are great but as a parent of teenagers...... they now talk back and they no longer believe that I know it all and I am so tired of the term "Whatever" in conjunction with the flip of the hand and roll of the eyes. So a trip with out having to justify every thing over, and over, and over is going to be completely and throughly enjoyed.

The cruise has been a dream of mine since the first episode of "The Love Boat". I have been spoiled rotten as we are getting a room with a private balcony. I am so excited thinking of the unique photos that will be mine for the taking. We haven't planned all our activities for each port of call as of yet. However, the one thing that I want to do is swim with the dolphins and walk on the beaches. I am also excited that There will be others from the scrapping community that I will stop and visit with. Lecia Forrest and Allison Orthner amongst others.

I am so proud of Lecia being selected as an instructor - she is an amazing talent. She is going to go far! Today a cruise and tomorrow the star at CHA.

Now as much as I look forward to the cruise I have to admit that the best part of the trip is going to be the trip to DISNEYLAND!!! Yes I admit that even at 45 I am really just a huge kid at heart. We went last January and now I know a few more tricks to make sure that we get the most from this trip. I thought I would share some of the mini layouts I did from our last trip. I now have 5 months and 25 days to complete the albums from 2006 as I expect that there will be a lot more from this holiday.

Well I was gonna promise you that I wasn't going to make multiple postings about this amazing trip - I have decided that I won't make you all a promise that I can't keep. So I will apologize in advance for my childlike behaviour and multiple future postings.

I hope that you all are having a super week.


Pam said...

I am sure that you will have a wonderful time on the cruise!!
Congrats on the honorable mention!

scrappaleica said...

Dawn, (cruise partner in crime) call me, I couldn't reach you. we must both be off scrapbooking!LOL.

T of Wpg said...

Hah! Make sure you take "extra" cards for that digital! And batteries (or at least a 2nd battery and a charger). And have a blast ...

melina said...

Have a blast Dawn, you desire some r&r.

Allison Orthner said...

Dawn... so glad to read that you are actually joining us!! We were impressed with your submission as an instructor and are excited to have you along for extra FUN and inspiration! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

you are gonna have such a blast dawn... hey you might even get some scrappin done in between all the other activities on this vacation. How are you ever gonna pack for this trip?