Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reflections of Happiness

This is one of my favourite photos that I took in Disneyland.I loved the mirror smooth surface of the moat and crisp clean reflection that was visible. I am sure your wondering why I have chosen to share this photo with you today......................Truth is I am not so sure I know my self.

Could it be that I am a little disappointed in not being in LA this week as I had planned for months and months? Yes, it could be. Could it be that I taught my Nuts about you layout with Chip and Dale and I felt the joy and happiness inside that I had experienced when we were there. Yes, that could be too. Could it be that I am thinking of my scrapping friends that spent some time in LA/Disneyland before leaving for the All Canadian Crop and Cruise, Yes there is an element of that as well. So I think in general I just feel happy thinking about time in Disneyland with my kids, and the joy that I feel knowing that I will be there again in 14 months.

I am still amazed at how well the characters emulate those in the movies. Of all the characters that were played by people not hidden by masks I was most awestruck with Marry Poppins and Bert. This is another awe photo that make me smile with memories.

So I think tonight I am gonna scrap some Disney pages and will post them in a day or so.

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Amanda said...

Hey Dawndawn ((hugs)) to you, my girl! I know this week, the week of your trip, is hard for you. We are all here for know that!

Call me, chickie, I haven't heard from you in a while. :)