Monday, April 28, 2008

The Rebel without a Camera

This is my creation from last week.........It took several days to complete the embellishments. Then it took me a while to find a temporary photo that would do until I can obtain the one I need. Where the elements hard to make? NOPE but the drying times were long and lengthy
in between.

I was starting out to make a simple Tips and Techniques layout to teach in May. Well the rebel in me gagged on the simple and off I went. This layout involves, distressing, masking, inking, using of patterned papers, ribbons, transparencies, alcohol inks, dimensional fluids, glitter glue, dimensional elements, stickers, journaling hidden and obvious. Freehand flourishes and leaves.

I apologize about the poor quality of photo but alas - my right arm was cut off this week. My DSLR camera was taken without permission and returned in a state of dis-repair. Do you have any concept of how detrimental that is to a die hard scrapper. Seriously just rip my arm off and beat me with the soggy end. How do I capture perfect shots, upload layouts and projects. Oh thats right don't...................

Until you grovel at the feet of the person whose camera you made fun of.
Well sweet dreams to all you scrappper !

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Original Inspirations said...

Look at your photos from Bloomin Inn ... I'm sure one will fit here.