Sunday, August 31, 2008

This One is Just for You Judy!

See this woman......... she is the world to me. She is the one that makes me laugh so hard I can barely hold the camera. She is the one that call and make me stand on a street corner watching grown men act like idiots in their cars. Then tell me that the smell of burning tires is turn on to men so that my date tonight is going to be all over me, thank heaveans she warned me.

She is the one that when we tell our family we are going out together they all start pooling their money together to make sure they have enough bail money........... Yes we get into all sorts of mischief but nothing that ever landed us in jail. As long as we keep our stories straight Judy they will never know how close we may have come.

We spent the afternoon together yesterday - an all to rare occurrence now that we don't work together. First she rescued this workaholic from the office begging me to go to the international mustang show with her. I should have know she wasn't talking horses..................

So what did she mean well the cars of course. I had no idea that it was such a cult errrr I mean fan club much like scrapbooking but less affordable. Yes maybe if I turned in all my toys I too could have a mustang........ I did the math and Judy I should be able to purchase for you by next year your mustang car. What an amazing friend I am right? Thank you thank you. I have even gone so far as to get a photograph of the one your getting but instead of blue and white yours will be "CANDY APPLE RED and WHITE" (red is red unless your a mustang lover like Judy).

Seriously I have to admit there were a couple of nice looking cars there and there were just as many nice people that allowed me to do lots and lots of photos of their cars so Judy can drool over them until the next time there is a Mustang show. From the Mustang show we went "cruising" I had to remind Judy that if she was going to try rev up the engine and go sailing down airport road she had best think again because the only smoke coming from her car would be from the engine not the tires and her horse power demo would a defintite zero.

So next thing I know Judy and I are at Labatts park, now I have heard about this little place but never been to the best of my knowledge What a cool little park. Sooooooooo I have a new camera and Judy was looking extra fine in her new jeans and shirt......... so impromptu photo shoot time. Yes the sign of a best friend - only rolls her eyes for ten seconds or less then agrees to it. Of course me reminding her of the last 90 minutes of watching men having public love making sessions over their cars was certainly payment for a photoshoot. You know you just have to love that best friend card.

We laughed so hard and so much doing this photo shoot that most of my shots were depending on the image stabilizing unit. I want to share with you some of my favourite shots of this session and yes I feel it is worth risking 10 years of friendship.

Yes she is clothed but we love to push the boundaries when we are together. Please feel free to ask Judy why she was sucking her thumb next time you see her. There were actually a hundred or so shots of her and most of them she is stunning in. I love doing photo shoots of her. But because she indicated that I never say "Hey Judy!" or "Judy this ones for you!" or just journal about life when I don't have layouts to share. So my dear sweet bestest friend THIS ONES FOR YOU.

After Judy dumped me at home I did my transfomation for best friend to date girl. A very nice gentleman took me down to the river bank, camera and tripod in tow so that I could practice my night photography and see the amazing fire works show. I freely admit to having taken in excess of 400 photos in under an hour. Half of those will never be seen by the naked eye. The other half are not to bad. I got better as the show progressed and as I recalled the words of wisdom that Melina Perron shared with me this spring. So I thought I would also share with you a few of those photos as well.

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