Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well here he is the mystery man that has been captivating my time, mind and attention for the past few months. He is really a sweetie and usually your standard non-conformist but I have noticed that he does conform when I ask him nicely - wink. Notice the suit and tie - doesn't he look so handsome.

Yes I know the "t" is missing and I know that it is in the office and so I refuse to make another because the "Season of Cleaning" is fast approaching and I know that it will surface.

I have been having a blast scrapping this past month as I worked on challenges for the Just Cre8 site. Well now that it is over I have some fun things to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago I provided some sneak peeks of a layout involving my favourite things about the holidays. So here is the whole layout. What I loved about doing this was the using up of lots and lots of my stash.
Then I had a blast making this for one of the other challenges.

Once again using up the stash that has been sitting in my office for a day or two - smirk. Everything is magnetic so that it can be traded out and made into a count down for other events.

I am working on a holiday season album - to celebrate the new beginning of our blended family so to speak - well as much as it can be with the kids now grown and on their own or living away from Saskatoon. They are still our kids and we will celebrate when they are here with us. However, production has been temporarily slowed with my broken finger - yeah here we go again for those of you who know my tendency to be accident prone.

Well its time to go and plan the "Season of Cleaning" have a good night everyone!


Diane said...

mom it's the "o" that's missing not the "t"

<3 Diane

Pam said...

great pages and book dawn!
your talents amaze me!!!!