Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Imagine My Surprise!

It has now been 10 days since I started the Seasonal Clean and I am still not done. I have the bulk stuff sorted and we are now into the how to sort the itty bitty stuff. Should I sort by season, should it be by color, by style by mind is goiing to explode!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night and tonight I took some much needed time to scrap with my broken finger and all. AAAAAHHHHHH did I forget to mention that breaking ones finger in three spots is not conducive to a lot of things let alone scrap booking? I think it would be okay if this larger than life chunk of metal wasn't forever in the way. However, let be known that despite all that one can scrap with some creative adaptations.So thank you Tim Holtz for once again doing the 12 Tags of christmas, his day one tag indpired this card and a layout that I will post tomorrow night. I would like to say that when one does not have the TH stamp collections at her disposal there are some wonderful clip arts out there that will allow you to mimic with Hybred ingenuity.

Just Cre8 is doing the 12 cards of Christmas and these next two were ones that I completed for Day one. Well tomorrow is going to be back to sorting and driving myself nuts but it will be a blessing when it is done.

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coRinne not connie said...

you certainly rocked those cards - even with a broken digit!