Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a Reminder

You definitly want to visit the Tattered Angel blog this week and check out the amazing give aways as we count down to the reveal of our new Angel........... and not to mention that there are going to be sneak peeks coming up from the new CHA product release.

Those of you that know me understand what a huge part of my life scrapbooking is. I am excited and grateful beyond words to experience this oppurtunity.......I am in some MIGHTY fine company too.........and as long as you don't tell anyone how nervous I really am ......I don't mind telling you that I feel like a little kid waiting to see Santa or for the candy store to open. These people are so very talented.......and I have to be honest.....I never thought there would be two of us in the same city and given the talents of Leica Forrest. So I repeat I am super excited.

I was talking stock of my glimmer mist tonight so I know what I needed. Okay, now some of you might not be surprised........but I sure did surprise my self as to the large number of amazing colors both past and present that were in my clutches.

So I decided that in honour of our new Tattered Angel
Being Revealed this week I would offer you a chance to win some Tattered Angel Goodness.

There were 95+ colors of glimmer mist including the 60 year round colors. Of those 95+ in my hot little hands are 32 from 2009 line up. For your chance to win a mystery pack of Tattered Angel Goodness I want you to answer the questions below.

  1. From the 60 year round colors can you guess 12 of the top 24 colors?(2 are red, 2 are orange, 2 are yellow, 2 are brown, 5 are greens, 6 are blues, 2 purples and 2 are pinks)
  2. What is the kit of the month?
  3. Share with us your favourite Tattered Angels Project.
You can post your answers in the comments and on December 14th after the reveal of the new Tattered Angel I will draw a name and then reveal the lucky winners name.

Have a great week everyone!


Aeify said...

1.Oriental Poppy, Candy Apple Red, Tiger Lilly, Golden Terracotta, Sunflower,Coffee Shop, Suede, Olive Vine, Forrest Green, Black Cherry, Sea Glass, Patina (these are my 12 guesses LOL)

2.Home for the Holidays Kit is the kit of the month.

3. Right now I'm in love with the little suitcase by Patricia Komera...Love GM with Graphic 45!!!

Sheryl said...

Candy Apple,Tiger Lilly,Sunflower, Coffee Shop, Latte, Olive,Juniper,Sapphire,Turquoise,
Patina, Timeless Lilac,Vintage Pink.

Home For the Holidays

I'm loving the Victorian Christmas album that Melissa did.

coRinne not connie said...

You're so generous Dawn!
I have no clue as to the top colors, but i'm guessing:
graphite, olive vine, key lime pie, candy apple red, patina, moonlight, tiger lilly, sunkissed peach, wheatfields, latte, sunflower, and vintage pink
home for the holidays kit
all those projects are great! the victorian christmas album gets my vote too!
have a super week Dawn!