Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So last week I received this really awesome email telling me that I was a finalist in a competition for a design position. I was very happy to be that far. Well I recently got a call that was from a very apologetic soul on the other end. The letter had been sent to me in error and they were terribly sorry for the disappointment that I must be feeling.

Disappointment, yup that would be the word, at that moment. Upon reflection, I realize that there is reason for things to happen and this is just not my time. I do appreciate the fact that they called rather than send an email.

So thank you for caring enough to understand and add a human touch. You have a hard decision ahead of you all..... one I don't envy.


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Nikki Love said...

{hugs} on your disappointing phone call. I'm sure you'll be getting some happy DT news soon. Your work is excellent!!!