Monday, March 7, 2011

Gratitude, Thank yous and Could it be........

Good Morning Everyone!

It truly is a great morning. Yes it is -27C (holy crap cold for those not familiar with Celsius). Yes, my beloved Daddy Tom made his way to his Lord just two short days ago. Yes there are bills to pay family issues to deal with. Health issues that need resolution and a house that needs to be sold. But..........


The sun is shining and the wind is quiet so walking to work today is going to be pleasant. I know that my Daddy Tom is no longer suffering. He is with those he loves that went before him. I know that while my friends ache at the loss of their father, the burden of daily care and worry is winding down. I know that health issues
are being monitored and looked after and when I look at what some of my new and old friends are going ailments are minor and insignificant. Yes, losing my job last summer played havoc financially and I just never seem to be able to get ahead...but I have a job, something many people find themselves without in this economy. I also have the ability to improve my situation with hard work, drive, and determination. I am able to look to the future and see that I can make a difference and I have a few methods of getting there...I just have to choose.

There are relationship dynamics to repair.... but at least I have family and friends and the chance to repair them...with time and love.

This weekend was the first full weekend off in months for me. Wouldn't you know it Bob had to work..... but he did something he has not done in over 18 months. He asked me to go with him for the day. My gut reaction was "are you kidding? Sit in a semi all day when I could be scrapping or blog hopping?" Lucky for me my brain was working faster than my mouth and realized he was making an effort to spend time with me. So I loaded up my camera and some pens and paper dawned 3 layers of clothes a
nd did my best to look the part, LOL. 12 hours of hauling bales.... here I come!

Could it be.......spring is coming?

Well it was a wonderful day, and I even got to see my sign (to me) that spring is here and that soon the cold of winter will soon be a forgotten memory. Look at these little fellas that were just a day old..... how could seeing these awesome little faces all curled up not touch your heart.

There were some slightly older lambs that made me laugh and my heart light. Don't tell anyone but it did wonders to uplift my spirits, more so than anyone human could have. So I apologize for all the sheep and lamb pictures but not really.

Thank you to Peeps!

This past weekend I participated in the Soul Blog Hop and it was truly fabulous to get the chance to chance to see how the same course has enlightened so many people. I am excited to share with you the winning entries for my RAKS but that will have to wait until later as i want to finish them up and photograph them.

Have a fabulous day everyone!


September said...

oh my gosh, your lambie photos are fabulous. My Mom has a few goats, so I completely "get" the baby frolicking part... one of the high points for our visits used to be trying to catch a baby. I've never seen an animal move so fast. LOL Thank you for bringing back this lovely memory... Have a wonderful day.

emily said...

I love your lamb photos... we used to raise orphan lambs when we were growing up & seeing the lambs out in the fields is my symbol of Spring arriving!

Whispers and Wishes said...

Dawn, glad that you got a chance to spend the day with your hsband... and the lamb photos are actually darling. I, too, have to remind myself that when my partner asks something of me that seems like a totally useless waste of time, or an intrusion into the little time to myself that I get that he is really just trying to reach out... Good for you and your quick tongue to have taken the opportunity to spend time together. As we all know to well, the day will come the opportunity no longer exists...