Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Why do We Scrap?

Have you ever been asked why you scrap? If you are Scrapper or a Scramper of course you have been asked. LOL If you haven't its only because you are new to the whole thing, but don't worry that question will come.

Today I received an email from my Friend Laura it was a poem about Why I Scrapbook. That was a copyrighted poem that I couldn't reprint. So I wrote my own as a result of reading it.


There are things I want to remember,
but I know I will soon forget.
So I scrap.
I have been blessed with good men in my life.
I need to share those qualities and reasons with my children.
So I scrap.
I have 2 wonderful children, and they
need to know they are loved unconditionally.
So I scrap.
I have an extended family, near and far.
My kids need to know them and their lives.
So I scrap.
There are people whom I have loved, and been loved by,
but they are no longer able to be here.
So I scrap.
There are days when the kids are miserable
They need to remember that childhood was not always good
So I scrap.
There is beauty in the world everywhere.
I need to share this beauty with my family and friends, so they may see it too.
So I scrap.
There are days when I can’t handle one more thing.
So I turn to my photos and papers to take me to a better time.
So I scrap.
I have faced many challenges in life. I have overcome hardships
Life is not perfect, or easy and my kids need to know that
So I scrap.
Life is not fair! Bad things do happen to good people.
How we handle the hard stuff and the lessons that we learn,
is what makes us strong.
So I scrap.
There are friends and family I have not yet met.
I am waiting to meet them, and record those moments.
So I scrap.
Life is an adventure and I have a long list of adventures to complete.
I want to record the successes and laughter along the way.
So I scrap.
Every picture I take means something to me, a rush of memories.
I want to share the importance and the feelings that they bring back for me
So I scrap.
One day I will not be able to remember or and then one day I will be gone.
I want to leave a legacy, a insight to who I am and what made me that way.
So I scrap.

Before the end of the month I want to take this and scrap a layout and frame it for my office. I would love to see what you ladies and gentlemen can come up with. I would love to see your reasons for scrapping and how you capture that reason in your layouts. For those of you that send me a link to your layout (so I can post them here in the blog) I will enter your name for a RAK from my Stash.

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Anonymous said...

I thought, last night, that I was well on the mend from this cold. This morning, I'm drop dead still sick. ... Sent e-mail to work and then decided to look at a couple of blogs. I love the poem. You have captured scrapbooking very well. T. (as in Thelma)