Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Capturing Those Not So Charming Moments

All to often we don't anticipate the consequences of an action. Particularly an action that is based on goodness and compassion. Most of you know that 8 mos ago I raised a significant amount of money for Cancer in a "Crop for the Cure". My Mom was in the midst of chemo and I felt helpless to help her. A local radio was running a fundraising campaign raising $500 to shave the bosses head. I flippantly said my locks were worth a minimum of $2,000 and before I knew it the money was raised and collected and I was facing friends and collegues with no locks.

This page currently has 4 pages of thoughts and reflections of these past few months. There are more pages to be written and the pocket will hold plenty more as I am able to come to terms. I don't regret my choice - not for a minute - what I do know is that it had a far more profound effect on me than I could have predicted. This was a life changing moment.

I have included a small excerpt ( don't want to bore you to death SMILE).

"I must admitt that I have no personal recollection of the cutting/shaving of my hair. I see the sequence of photos and I find myself thinking I don't remember that. I do have recollections of people watching me and my thoughts of don't cry. I do remember the feeling of being sick the next morning as I walked into my bathroom and looked into the mirror. The tears flowing with out end. How could I be so very shallow......"

What's my point of today's posting? It's important to include your hard to deal with subjects as well as the good. You don't have to leave the journalling out there for the world to see, hide it. You don't even have to tell a single soul. But what an amazing gift for future generations to discover. They will discover the real you. Not the pretty angelic smiling one, not the picture perfect flawless one. They will discover the person that made bad or difficult choices and had to live with the consequences and how they made you the person that they knew. Be real, be honest and be true to you!


Anonymous said...

great layouts dawn!
your journalling brings tears to my eyes!!
Pam B

scrappaleica said...

Dawn, I think you are a very strong woman to do what you have done, but more importantly it reveals the strength of your relationship with your mom. I'd do the same thing, and I'd cry too!

Original Inspirations said...

Hair or no hair - you're still the great person that you are. Isn't it "what's in the inside" and not "what's on the outside". Thelma