Thursday, August 2, 2007


Have I ever mentioned to you all that I love photography! Since I started taking it more seriously I have found a whole new appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. There are little details that I would never have noticed just walking by. I was capturing the boldness of the bullrushes that were surrounding our little man made lake. I love cattails the soft velvety feel of the newly bloomed ones and the soft fuzz of the ripened ones. I managed to take several dozen photos of the bullrushes and then noticed this one and only plant in amongst them. I don't know the name of it (shame on me) but I have used them many times in dried arrangements.

So why did I notice this unique little plant? Could it be that at that moment in time I felt that I was the only one in the world coping with a situation? Or was it a sign that amongst all the doors of choices that one has to make there is always one right one that stands out from the rest. Perhaps it was the difference between giving up and dying or fighting and surviving like the cattails. It really ultimately doesn't matter why I noticed and captured it that night. The important thing is that I did notice it and I did see the unique beauty and qualities that it possesses.

What else have I learned from my photography? That the best pictures aren't always taken at the standard angles. That sometimes you need to get down on the ground and shoot up or stand up and look down on the subject. How many of you know what this is a picture of from this angle? Okay, don't everyone answer all at once in the comment section. This is one of the most common things that we see on the prairies and we take them for granted and ignore them even call them weeds. Yet on this night in this light with this angle it is a unique and artistic photo filled with detail and design. Oh - you want to know what it is? Its a fox tail! Yup your basic common fox tail.

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Julie said...

nice picture of the fox tail!