Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thrill and Excitement Abounds.

AND THEY ARE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the blast of the air horn the outriders are hurling in the stove and the drivers begin to Negotiate the barrels. As they round that last barrel the horses are ready to run full out. The drivers, snap the reins and call out to the horses to run like the wind.

I grew up on the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon races. I recall sitting with my collection of pennies betting in front of the TV with my siblings and my Mom. If Grandma Wyder was visiting she would have her stash of pennies ready for the nightly bets. It must have been hilarious to see the 5 or 6 of us hollaring and screaming to urge our chuckwagons to be first.

Last night I was able share this excitement with my best friend and my collegues from work. We picked our favourites and bet our imaginary pennies. Then it became a high stakes game when 8x10 photos were put up on the platter. I laughed so very hard at Robbie and Judy.

Of course the only reason that Judy came with me at all was the opportunity for her to see cowboy buttcheeks. So every few seconds she was asking me to shoot the next butt that captured her fancy. So this photo is just for you girl.

I had a special friend that missed the fun and excitement of the chuckwagons. He was busy working and was only able to make the BBQ afterwards. I hope that the moments I captured will allow those that missed this exciting event a chance to feel the electricity that surrounds chuckwagon races.

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scrappaleica said...

love chuckwagon races! missed them this year, glad you had fun.