Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Reminisce Design

How many of you use your scrapping as a cheap psycho therapist or a way to work through things that are rolling through your head?

I have been dealing with some difficult aspects of life - and my way of coping is to reach in and journal from the heart so that one day people will know what I was feeling. How I am coping with those feelings. I love this layout - looks simple with its hand drawn flourishes and bits and pieces of paper. But like me there is so much more to be found.

If you open up the letter "F" you will find the following journaling.

"I woke up this morning tired, sad and generally out of sorts. I lay there listening to the sounds of the silence. The silence was loud. NO, the silence was deafening! My heart racing with fear. A sudden chill racks my body, freezing me with the unexplained fear. I turn on my side pulling the covers up around my chin. From out of the depth of my soul comes the tears of failure. The empty space beside me and the empty half of the closet, another reminder of my failed marriages not just my last one but both of them. The tears flow freely as I review how I have failed so many times. I turn back the frustration building with in. I struggle to re-build and make my way back to a comfort level. Frustration of not maximizing my skills and abilities. Today is gonna be a struggle to get through. However, I am strong and I will survive." Sorry I will have to get a better picture for you.

Then the picture of me flips down and it says " The best part of doing a emotional based layout is the magical healing powers. No matter how miserable I am finishing a layout leaves me smiling and grinning. My sense of, pride, self worth and accomplishment are restored and life is good!"

Int the journaling circle it says "There are still those days where my Fear, Frustrations, and Failures are overwhelming. There will always be these days! How ever each time I face them and over come them I find myself in a much better place. Then the next time it is a little easier."

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Julie said...

Hi Dawn, I weep with you as you wake up in the morning, thoughts turned inward, regrets over past decisions and sadness over past lost. Yes scrapbooking is a cheap psychotherapist! I go to it all the time. It helps. Getting those thoughts out of us and onto paper is soothing and it is always great to finish a page! This layout is really emotional and full of thought - and very creative too!

Some times when I feel like I cannot face the day, or the things of this world are falling in on me, when I am so discouraged - I read from a book that continually provides me with hope. Verses like Lamentations 3:21-23, Habakkuk 3:17-19, Isaiah 9:2-7, or Mat 11:28 -30 always get my thinking back on track and finally 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. Take a look at them and grab hold of them first thing in the morning. I hope they will quickly put the bounce back in your step…then you can get at another great layout filled with hope and energy. Looking forward to your next layout!