Thursday, May 1, 2008

I love flowers, both giving and receiving of them. I am not the greatest fan of roses but with every rule there is an exception. For me The fire and ice rose is completely and totally breath taking to me. The contrast of the dark red and the creamy white. Its like someone took that beautiful white rose and dipped it into dish of deep red claret wine. Staining the petals.

The other reason I love the fire and ice the symbolism that can be projected on to them. I tend to be involved with men that are my extreme opposites - creating that same contrast as found in the rose. I love that someone can compliment you so beautifully and that together you can find a relationship that allows the creation of a wonderfully intricate and unique union - just as the red and creamy white come together in the fire and ice rose.

I felt that scrapping this photo required that same sharp contrast with with the red, white and black. The buttons were the touch of elegance that was needed to ensure that the elegance of the flowers was carried through the layout. The Opposites Attract font from the Cricut line was the final touch.

Scrapping is not always about matching colors sometimes its about the feelings that are in the photo and using that to enhance the photo.

In the words of a man I love and cherish - Get out there and make it a great day!

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