Sunday, April 26, 2009

Creations From the Water Distressing Technique

Good Morning Everyone!

It is a Sunny all be it chilly Sunday morning here in Toon Town. I am taking advantage of the peace and quiet that is currently reigning over my household to share with you the layout and card that I created using the water distressing technique that I shared earlier this week with you.

This layout is called Metamorphis is not just for Butterflies and I chose the photo to showcase the Dusk to Dawn transitioning.

The the layout itself morphs as the photo slides out to share with the reader a journaling pocket.

Finally the journaling itself talks about the way I feel like a bit of a caterpillar curled up in a Coccoon waiting to find out how I will turn out with all of the changes going on in my life.

I hand made the flowers in the bottom right hand corner using the Graphic 45 papers, Rangers Stickles, a Prima flower that I altered a link from a vinatge bracelet that was missing a stone. Of course when you are looking at my work you can be assured that somewhere I have pulled out the distress inks.For those of you that are afraid to stamp on your layout incase it doesn't turn out "perfect", I want you not to be afraid but to see it as a way to make a "Creative Alteration" The butterfly on the left... the original was not good.....Blurred messy and barely recognizable......***Note: Malamute Dogs that are demanding attention are not reccomended for good stamping, Especially if they have a tendancy to move your arm***** Well its not like you can erase permenant ink. So grab your stickles and decorate it like you ment to......... Then I stamped another butterfly cut it out and jazzed it up and put it on top. So it looks like I have an amazing multi-dimensional butterfly that looks as if it was planned. If you tell anyone I messed up this layout I will deny deny deny.............never a mistake in scrapping just a creative alteration.

A word of warning when you are using the water to distress your layout, your paper becomes very susceptible to rips and tears depending on how much water and how hard you are when you crumple the sheet. But if it tears don't worry you have yet another creative alterations coming your way. In my case.......... I turned it into a journaling block opening.

Have a wonderful Sunday and if you have any more questions just leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail.


Jillian said...

Beautiful work!! Love hte G45 layout! I will definately do some water distressing this weekend! Thanks!!

Aeify said...

Just bought some distress inks yesterday!!! Thanks for all the tips!!