Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well things are slowly improving!

Hello everyone,

Well it looks like I am slowly getting control back from the cyber gremlins and being able to make changes and postings without freezing the computer. That or the Gremlins are just toying with me for a few short minutes.

So I promised to start teaching some of my distressing techniques starting with the use of the Cuttlebug. I had it all ready to load and then Bob's oldest son started asking me questions and I realized that I was making an assumption that everyone had some basic knowledge and understanding which may not be the case.

So rather than post and leave you confused and wondering if you have never seen one or used one I have chosen to delay this process for a few more days while I re-do my tutorial.

I will leave you with some of my latest work the Circle Journal for the Western Canadian Girls from Just Cre8.

For those of you that don't know what a Circle Journal is.......... A Circle Journal (CJ) is a series of books that a group of people create. Each member creates his or her own book, choosing a theme or style. There is a sending order designated by the "chairperson" and you forward yours to your designated person and they will follow your instructions and when they are done they will forward your book to the next person and so on until your journal and those of the others have passed through everyones hand resulting in a completed album. The photos that you are seeing below are of my journal before any of the other ladies have done any work.

I love the Graphic 45 papers, Prima Products and Tattered Angels not to mention Tim Holtz/Ranger products. They blend together so well and produce beautiful vintage and grunge/distressed work. Which of course is right up my alley.

I am looking forward to sharing more work with you in the coming days as I continue to beat the Gremlins at their own game.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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Kate said...

Oh freakin' WOW! LOVE the new banner!!! It is so YOU! I have your CJ and I am busting out the sewing machine to put a little "Kate" into it. ♥