Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maximize your Letter Stickers

Hi Everyone,

So today on The Paper Passion board one of the gals asked how to make a letter out of other letters. She was talking specifically about the thicker letters but many of these tricks will work with a lot of letter sets. I thought I would share my tricks here with you as well.

a = take a p turn it up side down nip off the excess and you have an "a"
b = take a "q" turn it around for a "b"
c = take an "o" and nip out a side piece for a "c" - save the piece for other letter creations
d = take a "p" turn it around for a "d"
e = take an "o" nip out the side, then glue the side piece in to make an "e", you can do this with a "c" and a spare bit you have. You can also get out your favourite sharpie and draw in the line if you are using black.
f = take a "j" turn it up side down and use extra bits for the line or use the sharpie pen
g = take a "b" or a "q" turn upside down, warm up the heat gun and after heating gently pull into shape (works for foam style thickers only) otherwise just clip the stem and curve it to the side.
h = take an "m" trim to one hump, then use the remaining straight piece (trim off the curve) to make the back
i = take the back of any letter
j = take a "f" turn it up side down and remove the extra bits from the line.
k = take a straight back from a letter and attach a "v"
l = take a straight back from any letter
m = take two "n" remove one back and glue whole "n"
n = trim down an "m" or an "h", take your "z" and turn on its side.
o = take an "e" remove the line and fill in the side gap
p = take a "p" turn it around for a "d"
q = take a "b" turn it around for a "q"
r = take an "n" and remove the side piece, or you can trim down an "m" or an "h"
s =
t = take the back of any letter and add extra bits
u = turn the "n" upside down, trim down an "h" and turn upside down
v = take to straight segments from any excess letter.
w = take two "v" and trim one down to fit up against the other.
X = never needed two of these
y = take a straight piece and glue small bits to complete,
z = have never needed two of these.

Of course it won't always work for all fonts but at least it gives you a starting place. and don't forget that you can also use numbers to build letters too.

If all else fails.........have a mixed font title LOL LOL


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Thanks for sharing darl! You are so smart.

Amy said...

very cool thanks! i know i have done a few of these already lol!

fairyrocks said...

Dawn, thankyou for doing this, I remember writing a request when I first started Sbking to a magazine to publish a book on this type of thing and also what to do with those left over letters. i love this. Pam c.