Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Morning From Calgary

Well my journey down to Los Angeles has certainly been interesting and certainly not what I was expecting.

We arrived nice and early at Saskatoon airport (Wednesday night) just like all good international traveler's should. We stood in line to check in, we stood in line to go through security, we sat for 90 mins to find out that due to bad weather conditions in Calgary our flight was canceled. Ok, back down stairs to the check in counters to get re-booked. An hour later... we are going home for the night only to find out that 4 does come twice in one day............oh my goodness. Well the dogs were happy to see us back home....and one very sad daughter and mother combination because the redirect although through Calgary did not allow for time to theory. we still are in Calgary the airport brought to a standstill by thick fog, flights are delayed by hours so not sure when we will get to leave and finally be on our way to LA. Not even able to spend the delay time visiting with my parents because we are in the US secured area...........sheesh

I thought I might provide you with some Tattered Angel facts to pass my time in the air port.

1. When you purchase a Tattered Angel Misting Mat, a part of the proceeds goes to Breast Cancer research..........and why it is pink. The owner of Tattered Angels lost her mom to breast cancer, and of course with the recent transpiring's in my life this past year and that of my Mom three years ago, and now one of my best scrappy friends this means a lot to me.

2. Do you get so wrapped up in your misting of projects that you fail to notice you have misted your favourite t-shirt? Never fear......Glimmer Mist is water soluble so you might have to wash it twice but it will come out. As per Heidi 's recent mis-adventure it doesn't come out of carpets so well when whole bottles are dumped on it.....Check out the recording of Heidi's live telecast to get the whole sad story.

3. If you go to the main web site for Tattered Angels and click on the Educator's blog you will find lots of cool projects and useful information. If you check there on Sunday January 24th My technique will be there for you to try............ here's hoping I pushed all the right buttons in the right sequence to make it happen LOLOLOL

Well it looks like some planes are moving so off I go to stand with all the tired travelers hoping that there plane will be the lucky one.

See you soon!

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