Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Wonder Why?

I have noticed a distinctive trend amongst my loved ones since Friday.

It doesn't matter who I tell that I am officially an Angel, and they practically choke on the laughter that spews forth as they remind me I am a tattered Angel. Now quite frankly I am darn proud to be a Tattered Angel, so I fail to see why they are rolling on the floor laughing their socks off.

I am just working a a few more things then an approval from the head Angels and we can start teaching and sharing with you the wonders of Glimmer, Glam, Glaze and Chalk not to mention all the great embellishments and journals that they make.

See there goes my family again choking on their mirth as I read this post to them............I just don't understand........after all I am an Angel in every respect (wink wink)

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