Thursday, June 14, 2012

Okay, lets see if I can make this work at long last...

Here is the picture of KC holding her new favourite treat a Cows Tail. This was at Hanna, AB.

Of course we brushed our teeth after our snacks.  These little toothbrushes were so cool.
As i mentioned earlier there was a lot of rain, thunder and lighting.....and it got pretty scary at times. The only thing I could do was to keep reminding myself about the fun waiting for me.

The last part of the trip was a bit of a pain with a flat tire, that i had to fix, then my choke got stuck so I had to try and fix that in the rain.  Then last but not least my wipers broke down at 10:30 at night in the pouring rain on a gravel road. Kids, now that had me afraid because I was afraid of getting hit, I was afraid of wildlife sneaking up on me and I wasn't sure how i was gonna fix things with no tools.  I had to sit down and tell myself to put my worries aside and just focus on how to make things work so I could get to my scrap booking friends. Well I did, and I finally got there.  Sorry, it was to dark for more pictures.

We had a great time, and I shared with everyone about the thing that made my heart sing this last year. I shared with them about our times together, I explained to them about KC and the journey.

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