Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well technicalndifficulties continue but.....

Hi kids! and visiting adults

Well no replacement cable ewas tuo be found todayeM so..I will just use my words. Oh, and I am going to apologize for grammer, punctuation errors and spelling. i am doing this on my phone.lol

One of the things I want to talk with you about is facing our fears, it is really hard to do but you find the reward once you have done it.t Since Friday I have had to face my fears on a few occasions anwd i atm going to pointt them out...and then tell you what the reward was.

Friday was a bad day....I was six hours late leaving Saskatoon, . By the time Kale's Cow (now called KC) and i left i was tired. so we jumped in the car knowing that it wasgonna mean driving in the dark in a strange area.  So KC and I made our first stop at Rosetown, where KeC I got some drinks.

 KC is holding the Rockstar webought, I know KC is too young to be tdrinking that stuff....but it was a great photo and ur first. As we leave Rosetown....the heavy rain started by the tme we got to Kinderaley there was lighting andthunder.  Now I like a good storm but not when I am driving, so a little fearful...but i remind myself of the fun at Scrapbook your Heart retreat. We stopped for  gas wand KC and I figured out how to get her photo with the giant cactus. This is close to Hanna AB.
Cow's Tales
I also introduced KC to a new treat that she just loves!  ...so do I

Finally i got to the part that was the most scary to me....driving in the dark, in heavy rain, on gravel roads, in fog. i told myelf that i could do it, just to travel slow and trust my instincts.  Eventually I got to the camp and my friends were very happy to see me. They knew my fears and were wondering if I decided to not come.

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