Sunday, July 1, 2007

Because I love you!

Sometimes in the excitement of things I forget to look at all the people that make a special day even more special. Looking back over my posting from Friday I realized that I forgot to mention some really important people that made Diane's day even more special.

Here is a lady that is so kind hearted, loving and quiet. She goes about loving everyone she meets and I take her presence for granted at times. This woman is my sister Laura. She made a special trip to come for Diane's graduation. Put up with her big sister's crazy antics. Never once complaining about the chilly weather, or the long day. Her smile is always there and I am truly grateful for the privilage of being her sister.

I am looking forward to sharing with her the rest of our celebrations and not so celebratory moments that come with life. She is a joy to have around and I am looking forward to scrapping these photos that we took today. My way of sharing my heart with her.

The other person that I forgot to mention - was my dear friend and amazing photographer Melina Perron. The photos you have seen aren't her's we are still waiting with baited breath to get our hot little mittens on them. However, she is such a good sport and allows me to shoot in and around her. So that I can learn how to stage shots and improve my own skills. I love and admire her as a person and professional. She makes everyone laugh and feel at ease. So check out her work using the link at the side.

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melina said...

Thanks Dawn for the fun photo shoot, I truly enjoyed laughing and teasing your family. Thanks for your nice words.