Thursday, July 26, 2007

There is Only This Moment !

When I am not feeling particularly good about life, when am scared or uncertain as to which direction to go, when I feel that there isn't one good thing left then it is time to grab my camera and go out and shoot everyday things and find the beauty.

Yesterday I was sitting in the park under the tree with the sun shining through. I had this red filter that I had been given as a gift and never used. So I threw it on and snapped this photo, well it and 200 others (smile). What a wonderful effect!!

So my next step in finding strength is to find a saying, quote or set of lyrics that speak to my heart. This is a partial set of lyrics from a song in the movie / Broadway show rent. This was important to me........ I need stop regretting the mistakes from my past and look to the future or I will miss the wonderful things that are still out there. Like the sun shining down through the trees on me.

Make your own inspirational card front or photo to scrap. Feel free to share your inspiration with those around you.


melina said...

Great images! I love the grounghogs.

Original Inspirations said...

Yum - Bloomin Inn photo! Wish we were both there right now!

Dawn Hueser said...

Sorry Thelma thats not the Bloomin Inn at all about 300km further north of Pincher Creek.

But it could have been 0 LOL