Friday, July 27, 2007

Have you just ever had fun with yourself?

Okay I was having a really good morning before going to work. Discovered how to use my cam corder to take still shots. So of course I had to just ham it up because I was having a good hair day!

You know I really like this photo! Just me being silly but it was fun!


Original Inspirations said...

Love the photo! Thinking of you much and the choices you are making right now - was great to hear your voice again the other day. I want to share a quote from my Dad, "tomorrow is another day". Simple, but magnificantly profound. I'm enjoying my house renovations - but man, is it work! And I don't have air-conditioning! Argggh. Okay - off to start painting the walls. My brothers comes tomorrow to do the new floors! Sigh - it was be wonderous when it is all done.

scrappaleica said...

Dawn, I think this is a neat pic. good for you for doing some self portraits in unique ways!

ScrapbookHim said...

Dawn what a cool photo!

Pam said...

this is such a great photo! Your hair is getting long! I haven't seen you in ages...hope all is great with you