Monday, September 15, 2008

Shadow of Me

Shadow of Me is really a photo of my shadow as I stood above the prehistoric pond in Drumheller's Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. I had spent a couple of hours with a great photographer Melina Perron and she was really patient in teaching me about the depth of field and shutter speed. I was really struggling with these concepts and the effects that they would have on my photos. I took hundreds of photos that day and this being one.

Some times in the course of life you stand back and wonder who or what you are. No matter what your feeling there is always a shadow of yourself waiting to be discovered. I felt this way with scrapping for magazines and clients. I was trying to be what they wanted. So as I started this page I knew I had to cut loose. With simple yet significant things. Such as allowing the adhesive to show through the maya road letters - creating a shadow like effect. With the glimmer misting of Prima flowers (yes you all read it correctly - flowers) to give me the rich warmth and depth I needed to match the paper.The creating of descriptive words with shrink art. The words on the 7 Gypseys tape describing me in the background. and the Flower Soft that I coated the Maya road chipboard with. They aren't hard or difficult things to do but together....they are the shadow of my scrapping style.

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Sheryl said...

I absolutely love this page. You are one talented lady. I hope to one day be a creative as you!