Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a Simply Wonderful Weekend

So here I am sitting and reflecting on what a marvelously simple weekend I have had.

I had no kids, no parents just me and a special friend and of course the furry canine combo. We didn't go anywhere do anything special just hung out and took it easy. That was a nice break in and of its self.

I took a handful of items from the new BASIC GREY LINE and said make layouts with these and only these things to use. So what happens when you do that? I get this crazy dino layout. I apologize for the less then stellar photo but I am busy trying out new techniques and tips to see how they pan out. I am thinking more practice will be in order for me lol.

I also took some classes from Caroline the co-owner of Maya Road this weekend and the simple projects were awesome. However, I will live those for my next posting. For today I just want to keep it simple.

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