Friday, October 10, 2008

Well I just had to share this really precious photo from Charmaine and Dwayne's wedding. I had a great time shooting the photos. The flower girl was totally enamoured with Gizmo. A wonderful cream colored dog.........causing many adults to panic at the white fur on your chocolate brown gown. I captured this knowing I would be in hot water with those same adults but it was so very worth it to see you so happy. Besides a day without dog fur is like a day without sunshine.

I have another photo that I haven't scrapped yet but that made my heart melt when I first shot it and again when I saw it on the screen. A moment between father and son, there were many people milling about kids darting around but Russ and Curtis there was just them and the puzzle they were working on. Many people would wonder why this photo touches me. I would have loved for my son to have that same sort of moment with a man he could call Dad. In a few years Curtis won't necessairly remember this moment. However, when he is a man and see's this photo he will know how his Dad mad time just for him
when there was so much going on. I can hardly wait to see what Amanda does with photo.

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Nikki Love said...

I love the stitching and embossing on your LO and yes, that pic of father and son does melt your heart :)