Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have to tell you that it takes a pretty cool photographer to capture a photo of or with me in it for me to really like it. Karen Pidskalny of KMP Photography is one of those photographers. What I truly love about having Karen as a friend is that she is not afraid to share her knowledge of photography and lend a helping hand to improve someones photo taking skills. She is not beyond taking a bunch of us amateurs out with her and making it a really great and interesting day.

I have to say though (snicker) that there is really only one Angel in this photo even if she is a little Tattered (sorry girls, I couldn't resist).

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KMP Photography said...

Thanks, Dawn. I guess it comes from my days of working in a photo lab where you were there to assist the customers and give them advice.

I want every one to have great photos.

I am so glad to have a crew to go out with. I enjoy my alone time but so much more fun with Angels.