Sunday, February 7, 2010


So its probably one of the nicest Saturdays in the winter of 2010, house cleaning is so not appealing, suffering a severe creative block so scrapping is just not an option. My other half is no where to be seen, kids are busy leading their lives.....and even the dogs are to lazy to come and play with me. So what exactly do you do?

I LEAP at the invite that Karen Pidskalny from KMP Photography extends to go out looking for hoar frost photos to take. Of course one should add 3 more friends Andrea, Cheryl, and Sheryl and what do you think happens? A whole lot of laughing some really great photos from everyone and both some fun and serious photo shoots courtesy of Karen.

I personally can hardly wait to see what Karen has on her camera, and I think there may be one or possibly two incriminating ones of me on some cameras. Ahhhhh well you know at my age.......its all about living in the moment and loving it, leaving with no regrets to find the next moment and live it to the max.

Thistles covered in frost are so pretty but for the record they still prickle ask my tush that landed in a patch.

So often Karen is the one behind the camera when we are doing photo shoots so that we miss getting her. So when she dropped the camera and looked so awesome against the trees I had to snap a couple of quick ones.

Shhhhhhhhhh-erryl what a great gal, I love having serious chats with her and getting her perspective and insight but even more I love seeing her in the midst of a good belly laugh. I have to be honest I am not even sure just what she was laughing at because I was shooting her.

I love the contrast of the white and black in this photo and I was ready to use for a photo competition until I saw the hand of man.......the fence covered in frost. Well I managed to capture some other great photos that I can use.

SSSSSHeryl and CCCCCHeryl were adjusting lenses and debating about heading back into the depths of the snow banks for more shots when I caught them. The walking in knee deep snow gave our muscles a good work out today.

So when you fall down in the snow and need some time to contemplate just how your going to get back on your feet and not get your camera covered in might just as well take some photos. This group of cattail reeds makes me think of a construction sight of a highrise building........I know I need a life.

I have to admit that I was having some vision issues yesterday, and I was just going with point and shoot and taking whatever came. Now truthfully I thought I was focusing on the girls but as fate had it............I got a much more interesting photo. So don't be afraid to just point and shoot you never know what treasure you will find.

Well It was a wonderful day filled with many treasured memories and now I have come to the tail end of my tale.

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Cheryl said...

great photos Dawn. I have looked at mine but not really close yet. We have had family here and they are taking up my time. Now it's superbowl time, suppertime, etc, etc. I will try and get some of mine up soon.