Thursday, July 9, 2009

Part one - First Project with Glimmer Mist, Screens and Spellbinders

Well here we go lets make ourselves a handmade Flower and put it on a Card.

To make this project you will need:

1. A Die Cut Machine - I use the Cuttle bug - love that little critter
2. Spellbinders Nestabilities - Scalloped Octagons - You can use which ever size combination you want.
3. Patterened Paper of your choice - I use a 12x12 double sided but you can use two complimentary pieces as well.
4. Glimmer Mist the color you choose should co-ordinate with your project.
5. Tattered Angels Screen of your Choice
6. Cardstock for the card - or a blank card of your choosing.
7. Bling for the center of the flower, but you can use what ever you like to fill it out.
8. Ribbon or Fiber of your choosing or alternatively you could use another co-ordinating piece of paper.

9. Scissors,
10. Glue, I strongly reccomen Zip Dry but any liquid or glue stick will work.


**** Note for the cutting and folding information I am just using cardstock so you can see better for the actual project I did use Patterned Paper (double sided).

Step 1.

Choose your three sizes of nestabilities that you would like to use. For those of you cutting with the Cuttlebug use A, C below the die cut and B on top. If your using thicker substances you may have to play around to find the right combination.

Step 2.

***** I am assuming that you are using the double sided Pattern Paper (PP)

You need to cut three of each size of Nestabilitie (Nestie) that you have chosen from your 12"x12" sheet. You will have to cut it down to strips that will fit through your machine.

*** You might want to cut three Cardstock scrap of one size to practice the folding technique before folding up your good paper.Step 3.

On this sample piece I have drawn the first two fold lines for you to see. On your actual flower you would not draw lines.

I start by folding exactly in half so that the bumps all line up with each other. Then count three bumps or two valleys which ever is easier for you to follow and then fold in half again. Crease well (bone folders are an excellent assist here but a popsicle stick works too). Continue counting and folding until you have gone around the entire cutout.

*** You are going to do this with all nine pieces that you have cut out for your flower.Step 4.

Take your scissors and cut into the CENTER only from the outer edge. You will only do this once on each of the nine pieces.

Step 5.

Now you are going to fan fold each of your sections as shown. Note I marked the sections off for you to see and you would NOT do this on your flower. Accordian fold each of the nine pieces for your flower.

Crease each of the folds very well or it gets a little bit hard to keep it flowing when it comes to putting the flower together.

Step 6.

Take three of the largest size that you cut out. Put the other six pieces well out of your reach so that you don't end up gluing the wrong pieces together.

You will notice that I have marked the last section on the cutout for gluing on each end. Take your second piece and matching up the "ONE" end with the shading with the shaded one end section on numer two. *** You can use a pencil to mark your ends for the first attempt. For the hundreds more that you will want to make you won't need to.*** The glue the shaded end of number three to the unshaded end of number two, finally glue the unshaded end of three to the unshaded end of one. You should now have a wonderfully pleated circle.

Repeat this process for the remaining two sizes.

I am going to stop here for now and let you practice with scrap paper. If your gonna cut your good flowers pieces for the project DO NOT FOLD them and glue together just yet. We have some Tattered Angel fun to do before folding.

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Great Step by step you rocked it again.