Friday, July 17, 2009

Its Friday! And Therefore more TA fun

Well finally I can get these photos posted so you can see the finished project.

Have a great day!

Here is the inside of the card I masked off the one side before laying down the mask and using GM in two shades to make it rock.

So here is a close up of my bird cage that I free handed from decorative wires. This one was a bit out of scale but I have learned and will

Well here is the front of the card Love using scraps, and using the Glimmer Mists and Screens to make them look like something right off the presses.

Due to some technical difficulties the pictures will follow shortly - ahhhh love when a machine is smarter than me.

The end of another week, and lots of happenings going on.

My Aunt and Uncle will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer and while we won't be joining them in Calgary for the celebrations I did want to send them a card to congratulate them.

So I hauled out my scraps and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Screens and with a spritz here a tear there, a twist here and glue there I came up with the following card.

I did something I don't typically do so that I can show you all yet another way to use the screens and Glimmer Mist.

Once I was done spraying my patterns on the screen I left the saturated screen to dry over night. If you are not as attached to your screens as I am you could take this beauty and create a marvelous layout or cut it up and use bits as embellishments. Now as much as I would love to do this and show you an actual finished piece....................I love this screen way to much to do it even for you my dear friends.

So the secret is to let your piece sit for twenty four hours until it is good and solidly dry. You should note however that if you don't put some form of sealant on it, a little bit of moisture is going to cause it to liquefy and rub right off on your hands or nearest absorbent material.

Do you want multiple colors? Here is where I cheat, I pray that the tattered angels don't strike me down for doing this. I grab a glass dropper and fill it with the color of choice and then gently drop by drop place the colors where needed. I then let it sit again for an additional 24 hours. I do this step for each color that I add. Call me fussy but I don't want a lot of color blending from a lot of moist or wet colors the blending the occurs at each addition is what I want. I am betting there are several of your out there going welllll silly broad why doesn't she heat set the colors and speed things up. Well feel free to try this out, but the funny thing about plastics.......they tend to warp and occasionally just plain melt. LOL and you thought I was just another pretty face LOL LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, Fairyrocks here,
Just love your work at Tattered Angels. Just wanted to let you know when I tried your link, it took me to someone else, I tried it a couple of times, then typed your spot in. Hope things are good in your neck of the ummm Prairie.