Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Remembered - to bring the card reader home!

So lets get busy and do some learning about Tattered Angels products.

At the risk of repeating what you already know I am going to review some basic information

Glimmer Mist (GM)

WARNING: The Scrapbookers Anonymous has declared Glimmer Mist to be a highly addictive but amazingly fun substance. One or two colors will not be enough for you not to mention the need to test out how things will hold color or look with GM on it. You will find your self reaching for it frequently without thought.

  1. Store your glimmer mist standing up, storing for long periods on its side can result in the shimmer clogging up your nozzle mechanism.
  2. To blend the shimmer into the color gently swirl/swish it back and forth. Hard rapid shaking will create air pockets that will affect your ability to spray a fine mist.
  3. For a light, evenly misted look hold GM away from your project about 10 to 12 inches. Then moving from left to right in a smooth stroke spray, I like thinking of it as the way you move back and forth with your arm when you use a spray paint or maybe your hairspray.
  4. Do you like that irregular spatter spray look? Move your GM about 4-6" away from your project and spray. Use a shorter stroke, but move slowly. Not heavy enough for you move in even closer.
  5. Are you looking for the solid color with out the drops. Put your GM down wander off and find your Papertowels. Hey while your at it pick up the baby wipes as they are awesome for cleaning your beautifully tinted appendages. So now we are ready make that smooth solid color. Move in close with your GM spray your project. Then quickly take your paper towel and WIPE the color back and forth. If you want a Faux finish to your project feel free to blot with the wadded up paper towel.
  6. This probably should have been at the top of the list but at least I remembered. Clear away all items that you don't want to color. Use a spray mat from Tattered Angels or if you need to GM before you can get one shipped a XL pizza box is awesome.

So off you go and practice those on papers that you can turn into unique one of a kind projects.

I am going to continue on behind the scenes here creating a card using GM, Tattered Angels Screens and the Spellbinders. See you all in a little while.


Les100ciels said...

Thanks for the basic info, I am a newbie at this. Now i "need" to buy some GM :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn Knew you'd come through.
I always learn something from you.
I have been playing with this long enough to get the glimmer/glitter mist cureable I hear.LOL Have a great day, and carry on I am reading everything.