Saturday, July 11, 2009

Part two - First Project with Glimmer Mist, Screens and Spellbinders

So is everybody practiced up and ready for the rest of the tutorial? Great then lets get going!!!!

Step 1:

I had asked you not fold the nine pieces that you had cut from the double sided Pattern papper because we want to use TATTERED ANGELS GM and the screen on our cutouts.

So grab your spray mats and the largest and smallest of your "flowers" Lay them on your Spray Mat - take your TATTERED ANGELS screen and lay your screen on top of the diecuts. Now as you can tell I wanted a heavy return on my two layers. Keep the bottle about 4" away from the paper and spray short quick sprays. Don't worry about the GM that is pooling on the screen because we are actually going to use that on the middle size layer.

Step 2:

So now that you have your pieces misted take your plain medium pieces and lay them with the opposite side showing and lay that side on the screens. Once your paper is on the screen - press slowly and firmly.

Slowly peel back your paper and either set it aside to dry. Lift the screens off the other papers. You now have a choice to let them air dry or you can get out your heat dryer speed and the whole process up.

Step 4:

So now go ahead and jump in and make your petals as per the I love to use Zip Dry for all my gluing needs. So Get all those flower shapes folded and glued together.

Step 4: Once you have your three folded and Misted shapes lay them on top of each other until you like the arrangement pattern. Glue in your bling or stamens to the center of your smallest flower. Then start gluing it to the middle sized flower. Take the new multi layer and attach it to the front of the largest petal.

TaDa Your Done your first flower!!!

Below I have taken leave shape Cardstock inked, crumpled etc. and pinched them together to make a flower base for my creation.

Of course that too was not to my liking so I have added my petal flower to the center to create my own one of a kind flower.


fairyrocks said...

Love your tutorial, You sure do make it look doable.
Pam C

cheryl McAdam said...

Dawn, thanks for the lovely comments on the Tattered Angels blog. I saw your projects featured on the Tattered Angels site and they are absolutely gorgeous! Keep on rockin the glimmer!